Mission To Remarry Chapter 194

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 194

After breakfast. Roxanne thought that the time was still early, so she could possibly make it to the research inst*itute in time “My fever has subsided. Lysa, could you please arrange for my discharge? I need to get some work done.” Her work progress at the research inst*itute had been impacted due to the surgery she did for Larry Therefore, Roxanne did not want to create a backlog of work and fall behind even further. Lysa hesitated.

“Ms. Jarvis, I think you should stay and observe your condition for one more day. I know how swamped with work you’ve been recently. You didn’t fall sick yesterday for no apparent reason. It’s because of fatigue! Now that your temperature is kept at bay, you can’t wait to bury yourself in work again. I’m really afraid that your body can’t cope with it and will collapse for the second time. Though Lysa had not been serving Roxanne for a long time, she had witnessed enough of how the latter overworked herself day in and day out. One would easily a*s*sume that Roxanne had superpowers if she had not fallen ill yesterday.

She never once grumbled that she was tired nor complained about her hectic routine of juggling a career and raising her children. I The more time Lysa spent with the family, the more she felt sorry for the single mother of two She treated Roxanne like her own daughter, and it broke her heart to see the younger woman fall sick

“It’s okay. I’m used to it already. Moreover, yesterday was just a little accident. Roxanne removed the blanket and insisted on getting off the bed The expression of the man standing not too far away from her turned grim when he heard that. He recalled the contents of her amazing resume. How did she attain all those achievements within six short years? What kind of life did she lead when she was abroad? What has she gone through to get to where she is today?

Lysa was still very concerned. She had not been present when the doctor gave his diagnosis, so she was clueless about Roxanne’s actual condition While Lysa was still debating what to do, Roxanne had already gotten up from the bed.

Fretting the former hurriedly turned to Lucian and gave him a pleading look hoping that he would offer some help in persuading Roxanne to stay Somehow, she just felt that Roxanne would listen to him. Lucian’s frown became more pronounced as he strode toward the bed and stared at the stubborn woman. The doctor said that you must go through a check-up before he will approve your discharge.”

With that said, he glanced at Lysa and instructed, “Please get the doctor here.” Finally, Lysa heaved a sigh of relief and did as he had requested. Roxanne’s brow snapped together disapprovingly.

“This is really unnecessary. I know myself and I know my body well.” As a doctor, she was well aware of her own body’s condition. It was just a fever. I have recovered, and I can definitely be discharged. Lucian retorted, “If you did, why would you have collapsed at home and gotten so weak that you couldn’t even get down from your bed?” Roxanne was rendered speechless at his comeback Upon hearing Lucian’s words, Archie and Benny chimed in.

“Mommy, let’s get the doctor to perform a check-up thoroughly Roxanne could not bear to see her boys getting all anxious because of her. At last she swallowed her rejection and obliged. Soon Lysa returned to the ward with the doctor.

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