Mission To Remarry Chapter 223

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 223

In Horington, Lucian sent Estella to kindergarten earlier than usual the next morning after the unpleasant conversation with Roxanne the previous day.

When he arrived at the kindergarten, there were only a few parents around the area.

However, Roxanne was nowhere to be found. Estella obviously wanted to see her. She held on tightly to Lucian’s hand, refusing to go into the kindergarten.

Lucian frowned at her stubbornness. Even so, he could only stand outside the kindergarten together wit h her.

It was after a long time that Archie and Benny showed up. This time, however, Roxanne was not the on e who came with them.

When Lucian noticed that, his eyebrows furrowed even more as he walked up to Lysa while holding Est ella’s hand. “Where’s Ms. Jarvis? Doesn’t she usually drop Archie and Benny off at school?”

Ever since they parted ways at the hospital, Lysa had never met Lucian again. She did not know that Roxanne and Lucian had got into an argument.

Therefore, with the thought of them still having a good relationship with each other, Lysa smiled and answered, “Ms. Jarvis has work today, so I came to drop them off.”

Lucian’s gaze darkened as he heard that.

What a coincidence. We just met yesterday, and she has work today.Is she trying to avoid me?

As Estella did not get to see Roxanne, she was a little dejected. She tugged on Lucian’s finger as she looked at him in worry. Lucian patted her on the head before looking back at Lysa. “Where did she go? When is she coming back?”

“I think she went to Bellridge. About her return… I’m not sure when she will come back. But I don’t think she will be away for long.”


“Why did she go there?” Lucian asked in confusion.

Archie and Benny, who were still holding onto Lysa, felt angry at how Lucian was interrogating them ab out their mother. He was about to marry someone else anyway.

There was no reason for him to care so much about Roxanne.

With that thought in their minds, Archie and Benny replied with straight faces, “If you want to know that badly, call Mommy and ask her yourself! We don’t know either.”

Even if they did know, they would never tell him.

Lucian frowned as he looked down at Archie and Benny. He was confused by their furious expressions.

Even after thinking for a long time, he could not figure out what he had done wrong to anger the twins s o much for them to have such prejudice against him.

Or did Roxanne say something to them?

Lucian’s eyes darkened when he thought of that possibility.

Although Lysa knew what Roxanne was doing, she hesitated when she noticed the twins’ behavior. Afte r a brief moment of hesitation, she did not tell Lucian but instead said, “We’re not sure about that. But I saw a man who came to pick Ms. Jarvis up in the morning. I think they went there together.”

Lucian’s expression hardened. “Do you know that man?”

Lysa shook her head. She only worked for Roxanne for a short time and had only seen a few of her frie nds. However, she did remember what the man looked like. “I don’t know him, but he looks like a well- educated gentleman. I think Ms. Jarvis addressed him as ‘Larry. They should have known each other fr om school.”

Just as she finished speaking, Lysa suddenly felt a little pressured.

Lucian’s eyes had darkened suddenly as he thought about the call history on Roxanne’s phone.

There was only one Larry that he knew of-Larry Morrison. Moreover, Roxanne had given him a call yesterday morning.

It could only be him.

Once he realized that Roxanne had had a meal alone with Larry and had gone to Bellridge together with him, Lucian felt extremely displeased. He then thanked Lysa and sent Estella off before going back into his car.

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