Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 101

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 101

When Charlotte arrived at the HR department on the thirteenth floor, the manager handled the handover procedures for her.

The manager had completely changed his arrogant att*itude!

Charlotte couldn’t help but wonder what brought about the stark difference. Why is the jerk acting so different suddenly?

After handing over the employee transfer letter to her, the manager said, “Charlotte, please take care of me after you’re promoted!”


Charlotte was at a loss when she took the employee transfer letter from him. The next moment, she was stunned after reading the letter.

The president’s office?

I’m being transferred to the president’s office?

Is this real?

Am I seeing things now?

“Charlotte!” At this moment, David patted her shoulder and congratulated her. “Mr. Collins asked me to bring the belongings to you. He initially wanted to congratulate you, but you left earlier. Anyway, congratulations on your promotion!”

“Thank you…” Charlotte replied instinctively and asked, “Am I seeing things now? Am I really transferred to the president’s office?”

“It’s true. Mr. Ben made the order himself.” The manager continued, “Charlotte, your good luck has come. I’m sure you’ll keep moving up in your career!”

“Hehe…” Charlotte laughed awkwardly and brought David to leave the office.

“Charlotte, how’s your injury now? It seems that your shoulder hasn’t recovered yet. Besides, your neck is still bandaged. Does it still hurt?” David asked caringly.

“I’m much better now. Thank you, David.”

Charlotte felt that David was the most kind-hearted man in the whole company. As such, she could fully trust and befriend him.

“Thank God you’re fine. I’ll help you carry your belongings. Take your new work p@ssto scan at the elevator.”


Finally, she didn’t have to climb the stairs to work as she could go up to level 68 with her own work pass.

As the elevator was moving up, she felt a special sense of pride. It was as if she made a little progress in her life when the elevator moved up a floor.

When she arrived at the president’s office, a staff welcomed her and brought her to her desk.

It’s the reception counter in front of the elevator on level 68!

Charlotte was startled when she was her desk.

She knew that there was a reception counter in front of the elevator on every floor. The job scope of a receptionist was to confirm the ident*ity of guests and their purpose of visit. After that, she had to inform her relevant colleagues to liaise with him.

To put it nicely, she was a junior secretary. However, in essence, she was only a guard on level 68!

In other words, she was an entry-level secretary in the president’s office!

“Charlotte, congratulations! I’ve to get going. All the best!”

David patted her shoulder and left smilingly.

Since he was an innocent man, he truly believed that it was a position of honor.

On the other hand, Charlotte felt dejected somehow. After all, the only difference between her job and a guard was that she didn’t have to walk that much!

“Charlotte, welcome!”

The executive secretary in charge of training new staff was Lucy Wright. She looked brisk and experienced, probably in her forties.

Furthermore, she exuded a sense of friendliness even though she spoke sternly. She came up to Charlotte to explain some basic tasks to her.

“I’ll instruct a colleague later to teach you about your job scope since you are a newcomer in this position. Keep an open mind in learning. I hope that you’ll be familiar with your job quickly.”

“Since your role is changed, your salary will be raised from eight thousand to eighteen thousand. When you have passed your one-month probation, your salary will be twenty-five thousand. It starts from today…”

“What?” Charlotte couldn’t help but yell, “Did you say that my salary will be twenty-five thousand? Am I hearing things?”

“No, you’re not.” Lucy Wright continued smilingly, “Since you’re a newcomer, be patient in learning new things, and your salary will increase gradually. Mr. Nacht treats his employees very well!”

“Understood. I’ll work hard and learn. Thank you!”

Charlotte clenched her fist as a gesture to motivate herself and put on a bright smile.

At this moment, she didn’t feel that Zachary was a devil or a jerk anymore. Instead, he was Zachary the Cute!

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