Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 102

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 102

Charlotte learned about her job the whole day and could only take a rest at four in the afternoon.

After that, Lucy led her to hand over some documents to the meeting room.

While they were on the way, Lucy reminded, “Leave the room once you put down the documents and don’t disturb the board members while they are in the meeting.”

“Be gentle in doing everything and don’t make a noise.”

“Also, don’t irritate Mr. Nacht because he hasn’t been in a good mood for several days. Otherwise, everyone in the company would get into trouble!”

“Understood.” Charlotte followed her while carrying the documents with one of her hands.

Lucy knocked on the door gently when they arrived. After receiving permission, she entered the room with Charlotte.

Charlotte was stunned as soon as the door was opened. The room was six-meters high and painted in cold colors, thus exuding an imposing and overpowering atmosphere.

The board members sat on both sides of the long table. While most were middle-aged, two of them looked relatively younger.

She saw that all of them wore a solemn expression. They were either reading their documents seriously or discussing with others in a low voice.

It appeared that all of the seats were taken except for the president’s seat.

Zachary isn’t here yet!

After Charlotte and Lucy put the documents on the table, the other executive secretaries immediately distributed the documents to every board member.

One of the executive secretaries instructed Charlotte to clean the unwanted documents and trash on the table. After that, she was also asked to distribute the documents together.

When Charlotte was cleaning the table, one of the board members behind her said softly, “If we still can’t find Chip X, the company might have to postpone the launch of our new tech products.”

“Aren’t we cooperating with the police all the while to search for the chip? No progress so far?” another board member asked.

“Sigh, our problem will be solved if there is progress…” A board member with grey hair heaved a sigh and continued, “We have spent dozens of millions every day on the search but still haven’t received any news after seven to eight days…”

Charlotte was shocked once she heard it. My goodness, the search costs dozens of millions! Does it mean the company has spent more than a billion after several days?

“Mr. Martin, Mr. Dixon, don’t worry. Since the president is handling it by himself now, I’m sure we can find the chip,” the younger board member comforted them.

“That’s right. When I reported my work to Mr. Nacht, I heard that he instructed Ben to investigate a baby. So, I think he’s going to investigate it from another perspective…”

“A baby? What does it mean?”

Meanwhile, Charlotte was too shocked to continue listening to it.

If Zachary really comes to my house to find it, I’ll be doomed… I have to return the chip today!

“Charlotte, Charlotte!”

Charlotte was startled when she heard Lucy’s voice. As her hands shivered, she accidentally knocked over a cup.

Bang! Everyone in the room could hear that a cup was broken.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry…” Charlotte nervously squatted down to clean the broken pieces.

Meanwhile, several board members turned around and knitted their brows at her in displeasure.

“What have you done?” the senior executive secretary who was in her fifties yelled, “Get out.”

“I’m sorry, Ms. Snyder. She’s a newcomer. I’ll provide more training to her,” Lucy apologized immediately and ushered Charlotte out of the room.

Charlotte bowed before everyone to apologize and hastily followed her.

However, the door suddenly opened when they were approaching it.

Two bodyguards entered first to make way for Zachary, who was in a black suit. Instantly, everyone in the room was stunned by his sturdy figure and imposing manner.

When Charlotte saw him, she immediately felt guilty and nervous.

“Mr. Nacht!” Lucy greeted him politely and dragged Charlotte to stand aside.

At this moment, Charlotte’s heart was thumping non-stop. She looked up slightly to peek at Zachary while wondering if he had checked her house.

On the other hand, Zachary seemed ice cold and didn’t take a sideways glance at anyone, including her. He entered the room and walked straight towards the president’s seat.

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