Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 103

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 103

“Mr. Nacht!” The board members greeted him courteously.

Moreover, all of the staff who stood on both sides of the room lowered their head to bow at him.

Zachary nodded in response and sat on the black president’s seat.

After that, Lucy immediately held Charlotte’s hand and left.

Nonetheless, the moment Charlotte walked out of the meeting room, she heard Zachary say, “All board members, please rest a*s*sured. I’ve identified the location of the chip and will retrieve it by tomorrow morning!”


The board members clapped their hands and cheered.

Charlotte instantly felt a chill run down her spine. My god, it looks like Zachary’s underlings have found my three babies. Under such circumstances, their ident*ities will be revealed…

Damn it! What should I do?

“Charlotte, what are you doing?” Lucy yelled sternly in a low voice, “Why do you always look lost during office hours? If you don’t recollect yourself, you can’t stay in the president’s office even for a day!”

“I’m sorry. I…”

“Go to the washroom and wash your face. Calm yourself down and see me in the training room.”

“Okay. Thank you Ms. Wright.”

Charlotte quickly rushed to the washroom. After making sure that no one was around, she took out her phone hastily to call Mrs. Berry.

“Hello, Miss!”

“Mrs. Berry? How is everything at home?”

“Huh? What do you mean?” Mrs. Berry was confused. “I’m cooking red bean paste for your dessert tonight…”

“No, I mean…”

When Charlotte was about to be more specific, she thought that everything was fine at home since Mrs. Berry was in the mood to prepare dessert.

As such, she stopped asking about it and said, “Okay, I’ve to get going.”

“Okay.” Mrs. Berry didn’t realize that something was wrong with Charlotte because she was busy cooking.

Given that Mrs. Berry was fine and the kindergarten teacher didn’t call her, Charlotte believed that Zachary’s underlings hadn’t found it. Nevertheless, they could also be on the way or preparing to move.

No matter what, she still had time as long as they hadn’t arrived.

Charlotte touched her chest and heaved a sigh of relief. The chip inside the black box was still in her shirt.

Now that the board members were having a meeting and the staff waited outside the meeting room, she had to grab the chance to return the chip as soon as possible.

After making up her mind, she left the washroom and walked sneakily toward the president’s office.

Everything went smoothly as she planned so far. Although she met two colleagues who were on duty, they only glanced at her and didn’t say much.

In less than a minute, she arrived at the president’s office. However, when she reached out her hand to push the door, the infrared sensor of the digital door was triggered. The next moment, the little screen read that a fingerprint was needed to open the door.

She cursed herself silently for being so stupid. How can I easily enter the president’s office?

“Please key in the password!” She suddenly heard a voice prompt from the sensor.

“password?” Wishing to try her luck, she keyed in Zachary’s phone number.

Beep… Beep!

“Wrong password!”

The voice prompt stunned her. Damn it! If it isn’t his phone number, could it be his birthday?

When she pondered over it, the alarm bell of the door suddenly set off.

Charlotte jumped in shock and nervously ran away. Unfortunately, two bodyguards blocked her way as soon as she wanted to escape.


Her heart thumped wildly while her whole body sweated.

She let out an embarra*s*sing laugh, hoping to conceal her guiltiness. “Well, if I say that I passed by and accidentally touched the digital lock, would you believe me?”

The two bodyguards shook their heads emotionlessly.

“I… I really…”

Unexpectedly, before she could finish, the bodyguards made their way and lowered their heads courteously. “Ms. Windt, please!”

Charlotte was startled. Am I hearing things? Why don’t the stone-faced bodyguards arrest me but treat me courteously instead?

“What’s going on?” A man asked in a familiar voice. The next moment, she realized that it was Ben.


“Ms. Windt, Mr. Nacht is in a meeting.” Ben glanced around to make sure that no one was around. Then, he lowered his voice and said, “Are you looking for him? Come tonight!”

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