Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 107

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 107

In the principal’s office at Apple Kindergarten.

“Mr. Nacht, are you here because of the kids again?” Principal Ruby was terrified when she saw the men in black suits. “I’ll ask the teacher to bring them…”

“No need,” Bruce interrupted. “Kids are innocent. What would they know? Even if there was a problem, it’s the parents’ problem.”

“You mean?”

“I want the information on the kids’ parents.”

“Understood. Give me one moment.”

In the president’s office of Divine Corporation.

Zachary sat in a black leather chair, looking at Charlotte with a piercing gaze. “Be honest, else there would be no mercy.”

Charlotte dared not say anything and kept her head down. Her heart rate was skyrocketing as she tried to squeeze an idea out of her brain.

What do I do? What do I actually do! I was the one who served the coffee that ch*oked Mr. Sterk. I was the one that got him to throw up too!

With little thought put into it, anyone could easily figure out that Charlotte was the one that put the chip in there in the first place.

Even if there was no proof, it was still obvious that she knew the chip was in the coffee.

How do I explain this?

She could just make something up and lie her way out of it, but Zachary already knew that Jamie accidentally left with the chip. How do I explain my relationship with Jamie?

Her phone was still quiet at the moment, which meant that everything was fine at the kindergarten.

Or did they stop because the chip was found?

“Talk!” Zachary exclaimed.

Charlotte jumped, and slowly raised her head to look at him. His murderous intent overwhelmed her as she felt her knees weaken and everything in her head jumbled up.

She had lost the ability to think properly.

“So you’re not talking?” Zachary was losing his patience. “Hand her to the police and sue her for theft,” he ordered Ben.

“Understood!” Ben immediately approached Charlotte.

“I didn’t do it! I didn’t steal anything!” she said abruptly.

“Tell me then, why was the chip in the coffee?” Zachary tapped rhythmically on the chip, his brows knitted. “I’m getting really fed up here, so you have one minute!”

“I…” Charlotte was all over the place at the moment, unable to organize her thoughts into a simple sentence.

“Ten seconds left!” The tapping sped up, indicating Zachary’s impatience. “Ten, nine, eight, seven,…”

What do I do?

While Charlotte’s thoughts were in disarray, her phone suddenly rang. It was from Apple Kindergarten’s Lexie.

Oh no! His men is at the kindergarten!

She got even more nervous, but one thought immediately popped up. The children comes first…

“Three! Two! One!”

“I picked it up somewhere!” Charlotte blurted out at the count of one.

The tapping stopped. “You… picked it up?” Zachary raised an eyebrow.

“Y-yes…” She gulped, carefully fabricating the lie in her head.

“My pet got sick so I brought it to the vet. I spotted the chip from a pile of poo there. There’s an “S” marked on it and I remembered that the company’s missing one. I a*s*sumed it was the one that you people were looking for, but I wasn’t sure. I thought that if I returned it face to face, I would be labeled the thief. So I figured sneaking it in was the only choice. Coincidentally, I was asked to send the coffee in and I decided to put it in the coffee because you’ll definitely find it. But…”

Charlotte finished everything she wanted to say in one breath. “This is what happened, I swear!”

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