Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 111

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 111

Charlotte gave it a thought. If Zachary found out that so many colleagues knew about my boyfriend, he’ll definitely get annoyed and distance himself from me.

“Alright, dinner’s on me!” Charlotte nodded with a smile.

“Let’s just skip dinner, let’s head over to Sultry Night for drinks!” Yolanda proposed. “We lad*ies need to cut down our weight, so no dinner tonight! We celebrate with alcohol!”

“Yeah. Mr. Holt’s not here anymore, we won’t do what he did for sure,” one of the male colleagues spoke.

“You’re right! Last time Mr. Holt ordered so many expensive liquor and it costed Charlotte a fortune! We’re not gonna do that.”

Hearing those words, Yolanda’s gaze turned cold for a moment before returning back to normal. “I have some coupons here, so we can get loads of discounts.”

“That works too. Sultry Night it is then!” Charlotte agreed heartily.

As the flock came out of the elevator, they kept Charlotte surrounded and chattered nonstop, singing praises of her every step of the way.

Charlotte had an awkward smile the whole time and did not know how to reply besides thanking them. Only Yolanda was acting normally and not as pretentious.

At that moment, Charlotte thought that Yolanda might be the best colleague out of all of them there.

“Huh? Isn’t that Mr. Nacht?” one of them alarmed everyone. “Quick, stop talking and step aside.”

Everyone there immediately went quiet and lined up at the side.

As Zachary walked by, they lowered their head and greeted him, “Mr. Nacht!”

Zachary took a glimpse of Charlotte as he walked by.

Charlotte looked at his back and that gut feeling came floating back up. So similar…

Ring! Ring!

Her phone interrupted her thought process. It was Gigolo In Debt. “Hello!” Charlotte picked up the phone.

“You out yet?”

While he was talking, Charlotte looked towards Zachary. He did not have his phone with him and was giving out orders to Ben quietly.

Is it really not him?

Charlotte wanted to confirm it once and for all, so she hurried out the building.

Zachary’s Rolls-Royce Phantom was parked right in front of the entrance. The body guards opened the door, and kept an eye out as Zachary got in.

Charlotte was spacing out for a moment before she heard a familiar honk.

She looked towards the direction of the honk and saw the Aston Martin that Gigolo In Debt always drove, parked beside a flowerbed not far away.

Before Charlotte could go over, the Aston Martin immediately sped towards her as the Rolls-Royce left, stopping right in front of her.

The window came down and the gigolo popped his head out. “Hey!” he smiled.

Charlotte was stumped. Something felt weird but she could not pinpoint what it was. His clothes, his figure, and even the eyes. Everything was the same.

No, wait! His eyes!

The Gigolo In Debt she knew was not as cold as Zachary, but his eyes still had that intense vibe to it. His eyes would never shine like how the man in front her did, with a smile no less.


While Charlotte was deep in thought, a suggestive voice snapped her back to reality.

The gigolo had a huge bouquet of Champagne Roses with him as he got out of the car. “I missed you so much, Baby!” He pulled her close and attempted a kiss.

“What are you doing?” Charlotte evaded him and gritted her teeth. “You wanna d*ie?”

“You’re the one that wanted me to act as your boyfriend, right? I’m just making it look real,” he said with an evil grin.

“But…” Before Charlotte could say anything, her colleagues had surrounded her once again.

“Wow! Charlotte’s boyfriend really is rich and handsome!”

“Expensive car and a handsome face. I’m jealous!”

“Why the mask though?”

“My baby here likes it. Are all you pretty lad*ies here my baby’s coworkers? Nice to meet you all.” The gigolo’s charming greeting immediately got everyone’s approval.

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