Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 12

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 12

“Please don’t take photos and videos of us. This is an infringement of our image rights,” Robbie reminded coolly.

“I can take selfies with pretty lad*ies. No selfies with boys, though.” Jamie smirked. “Only pretty lad*ies!”

“Shh, you’re disturbing Fifi!” Ellie put a finger up to her lips. Fifi was nodding off on her shoulder.

“Ah, how adorable! Can we take a selfie with you?” A few young lad*ies surrounded them.

“Nope, sorry. We don’t do that.” Robbie kept his cool.

“Okay, Robbie, Jamie, Ellie. I’ve bought the tickets. We can enter now.”

Mrs. Berry returned with the tickets and brought them into the playground.

Charlotte went upstairs to a children’s clothing brand on the third floor. There was a sale happening there. She rushed in and grabbed a cart before squeezing into the crowd at the sales section.

Right then, a team of men in black marched in authoritatively and ordered everyone to make way.

The young mothers who were busy shopping immediately stopped. They glanced at the scene and discussed. “Who is that? What a grand entrance.”

“Wow, these bodyguards are all tall and hot. Any of them could be the top male escort at Sultry Night!”

At their words, Charlotte’s heart sank. A male escort at Sultry Night.

Is it Gigolo In Debt?

“You’re wrong. They are the bodyguards working for Divine Corporation’s president,” a mother with neat bangs answered smugly.

“My husband is working at Divine Corporation. The president has eighteen bodyguards with a golden S logo on their shoulder.”

She added, “I think the president is here, judging by the number of bodyguards.”

“Wow!” another mother chimed in dreamily. “The bodyguards are hunks. I wonder how hot the president will be!”

“Normally people who hire handsome and tall bodyguards are short and ugly.”

“That’s right.”

Zachary’s strikingly handsome features popped up in Charlotte’s mind. Short and ugly? He is neither short nor ugly.

The men in black set up a defense line in front of the Italian restaurant right opposite the shop and straightened their backs on alert.

Soon, a tall and imposing man walked into the restaurant.

Charlotte stared at his back from a distance. Indeed, it was Zachary Nacht, the president of Divine Corporation.

For some reason, his back looked familiar to her. Where have I seen him before?

Meanwhile, the kids were having a lot of fun in the playground.

Mrs. Berry stayed with them the entire time. A few parents came to her, and they started chatting animatedly.

Jamie went to the restroom to pee. He was exiting the restroom with his hands in his pockets when he saw a trail of blood on the ground. His eyes immediately widened in surprise.

Huh? Why is there blood on the floor?

Curious, Jamie followed the blood trail and arrived at the storeroom where a wounded man in black was resting.

Jamie came to a stop cautiously.

The man in black was wearing a mask and cap which hid his entire face. But blood was trickling out of his wound nonstop.

When he heard the footsteps, he immediately raised the knife in his grip viciously. Upon seeing that it was just a young boy, he relaxed visibly.

“Sir, do you need help?” Jamie inquired politely.

“Get lost, brat!” the man growled.

Pouting, Jamie took out a cartoon band-aid from his pocket and handed it to the man. “Here you go.”

The man rolled his eyes. He was bleeding badly, so this band-aid wouldn’t be of help.

“You’d d*ie of excessive bleeding. You should go to the doctor now!” said Jamie before turning to leave.

“Jamie! Jamie!” Fifi flapped its wings and flew toward Jamie.

Jamie raised his hand, allowing Fifi to perch safely on the back of his hand. As the pair walked out, they attracted everyone’s attention.

“Hey, what a cute boy!”

“He has a cute parrot, too. Aww!”

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