Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 123

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 123

With a tap on her phone, Charlotte transferred a lump sum to his account. To give herself additional peace of mind, she dialed his number. “I’ve transferred one hundred and seven thousand in total. Please check if you have received it.”

“Okay,” the familiar voice answered plainly.


Within a second after hanging up, she erased his number from her contact list.

She couldn’t help but feel irritated. What’s with that cold att*itude? Wasn’t he so gentle and passionate just a while back at the hotel? Was it all a pretense?

Where did all his manners disappear to? Not even a “thank you” after she returned his money!

Wretched gigolo!

Apart from that, she stared blankly at the remaining balance flashing on her screen. There was only seven hundred left, it wouldn’t even be enough to buy milk for the kids…

It hasn’t even been a month yet since she started on her current job. She was at a loss on how to manage until payday.

She fumbled through her closet and drawers, hoping to find something valuable that she could possibly sell or pawn off for some quick money.

Alas, there was nothing else besides the ruby necklace. Zachary Nacht had gotten it for her back at the charity auction.

She felt miserable. The ruby necklace wasn’t something she could use right now although it’s worth a hundred million. She had to return it to the Devil himself one day.

Come on, is there really no other way? She rested a palm on her head and let out a helpless sigh.

Her brows were tightly woven in a deep furrow when her phone suddenly rang again. Puzzled at the unknown number, she hesitated briefly before picking it up. “Hello?”

“Charlotte! It’s me, Lily. Are you okay?” a high-pitched voice echoed from the other end.

“Lily?” It took her a while before she recalled that name. Lily was the other girl from the administration department. “I’m fine… How did you know my number?”

“I got it from the HR department. I heard that you took emergency leave today, so I just wanted to check up on you.”

“I’m fine, thank you.”

Charlotte was wary despite sounding as polite as she could. After what had happened yesterday, she couldn’t trust anyone enough to let her guard down. Until now, she was still in the dark as to why Yolanda had ambushed her like that. She couldn’t remember having done anything that could’ve offended her…

“What happened last night? You disappeared without any notice after you left the suite with Yolanda! Your boyfriend never came back either after he left to search for you,” Lily responded. “Everyone thought you lot were trying to escape from the bill, but Sultry Night’s manager told us that your boyfriend had already paid for the entire session.”

“I’m okay… I guess I just drank too much,” Charlotte avoided the question. “I’m sorry for leaving you guys just like that yesterday.”

“Don’t worry about that. By the way, Yolanda hasn’t come into the office today as well. The company had just announced that she was involved in some criminal activity with Mr. Holt! Apparently they’ve been handed over to the police. We’re all shocked! It’s so scary…” Lily answered.

So Yolanda had been Wesley’s partner in crime! No wonder things seemed so fishy. The way Yolanda had repeatedly confronted her about Wesley all this while was suspicious.

And on that night when Wesley was about to stab her, she had undoubtedly felt a push from behind. She thought she must’ve been imagining, but at Lily’s explanation, she was now certain that Yolanda was the person who had tried to push her to death.

“Charlotte, I wanted to apologize as well… I should’ve stopped you when Yolanda led you out of the suite. I had no idea things would turn out like this! Everyone in the office was discussing about it today. They were talking about how Yolanda tried to harm you, but fortunately Mr. Nacht rushed to the scene and rescued you. I can’t imagine what would’ve happened if he hadn’t shown up in time…” Lily rambled on.

“Did you just say… Mr. Nacht?”

Charlotte was startled. Wasn’t it the “Gigolo In Debt” who had rescued her? How could it be Zachary Nacht?

“Yeah, Fiona said it was Mr. Nacht who carried you away in his Aston Martin,” Lily said as her voice began to quiver. “I’m really sorry, Charlotte! Please don’t ever bear any grudge against me. I really didn’t mean to let you get hurt…” she sobbed.

“Don’t worry, Lily! I know it’s not your fault. You should get on with your work. I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?” Charlotte dropped the topic and hung up.

There’s something she couldn’t fathom…

Didn’t the Aston Martin belong to the gigolo? How could it be Zachary Nacht again?

Perhaps Fiona had mistaken the gigolo for Mr. Nacht. They both looked so similar from behind after all.

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