Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 13

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 13

“Go, search!”

Suddenly, a team of men in suits rushed in and started searching the area.

Jamie swiveled his head and stared at the restroom. Could it be related to that man?

He was in a daze when the man in black rushed out from the restroom and extended a blood*ied hand. Then, he slipped something into Jamie’s pocket and whispered in the boy’s ear, “Brat, I’ll come back for it!”

Soon, the man disappeared into the stairwell. The team of men in suits immediately went after him.

Jamie was stunned. Wow, was that a scene from a crime film? That was so cool!

Snapping back to reality, he took out a small box from his pocket. When he opened it, there was a tiny golden chip about the size of a bean.

Studying it carefully, he wondered, what could this be? It doesn’t look like gold. I think it’s some electronic stuff like the kind Robbie is obsessed with.

“s*eed! s*eed!”

Jamie was deep in thought when little Fifi’s beak parted and ate the chip, thinking it was a s*eed.

Jamie was d*um*bfounded. He immediately patted Fifi’s green head and shouted, “Fifi, spit it out! Spit it out!”

Fifi shrieked immediately. Instead of spitting it out, it swallowed the chip out of shock.

“Ah!” Jamie freaked out at once. He tugged Fifi’s tail and swung it around. “You can’t eat that. Spit it out! Spit it out, now!”

Fifi was seeing stars from Jamie’s rough action. It rolled its eyes while its tongue lolled out weakly.

“Ah! Jamie! What are you doing?” yelled Ellie.

She rushed over and took Fifi from him. Cradling it in her arms carefully, she demanded, “Why did you b*ull*y Fifi? I’m going to tell Mommy!”

“No, Ellie—”

“Jamie, it’s wrong to b*ull*y Fifi,” said Robbie sternly.

“I… Fifi…” Jamie pointed at himself before pointing at Fifi helplessly.

Fifi’s head was spinning as it lay in Ellie’s arms, panting heavily.

Looks like none of them will believe me. Jamie had no choice but to keep it a secret.

Zachary was sitting with his back against the door of the VIP room he was in, sipping on his wine elegantly in the Italian restaurant. His figure was imposing under the dim light.

Ben rushed in to inform him. “Mr. Nacht, Pardus has escaped!”

The man’s hand paused briefly as he icily uttered, “Useless!”

“Yes,” said Ben, lowering his head guiltily.

“Chip X holds the secret to our corporation’s latest technology. If it gets leaked, the consequences will be horrible. We must get it back!”

“Yes,” Ben answered. “I’ll find Pardus within three days!”

Zachary stood up to leave, his majestic figure stunning everyone. A heavy silence hung in the air as all held their breaths.

When he and his entourage arrived at the underground car park, he got into his Rolls-Royce Phantom without a word. The driver was about to drive away when Zachary called out, “Wait!”

The driver hit the brakes immediately.

Ben followed Zachary’s gaze, spotting a little girl running past the rear of their car. She was nearly knocked over earlier. He immediately alighted the car.

“Girl, why are you alone here?”

“My Fifi flew downstairs. I’m going after it. Fifi! Don’t run! Stop!”

Ellie was about to pounce on the bird, but it flew into the car instead.

She crawled into the car at once. Looking up, she was shocked to see a pair of cold eyes staring at her.

He seems scary.

Is he the bad guy Mommy always talks about?

Ellie gazed at Zachary in fear and instinctively inched backward.

Zachary was also gazing at the little girl, his heart softening. His stare was no longer as stony as it always was.

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