Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 130

Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 130

“Quickly fetch the first-aid kit!” Lucy immediately ordered.

Calmly and steadily, she quickly walked to the president’s office.

Charlotte’s heart thumped wildly in her chest. She wanted to see what happened but could only wait.

Besides, if she went there, she might make things worse for Hector.

“Mr. Sterling, you are leaving already? I have a first-aid kit with me. I’m sorry for Mr. Nacht’s behavior. He is not in a good mood today. Let me send you to the hospital…” Lucy trailed on.

“It’s okay.” Hector turned a corner and disappeared into the restroom.

“Owen, this is the first-aid kit. There is some medicine in it.” Placing the box in Owen’s hands, Lucy continued, “Maybe you can use it?”

“Thank you.” The other party took the kit and said, “I will take care of it. You should get back to work.”

Nodding, Lucy returned to her desk and instructed the other secretaries, “I want all of you to be busy with work. When Mr. Sterling comes out, don’t stare at him.”

“Okay.” The secretaries had common sense and understood that he left the president’s office because of his pride. The more they stared at him, the more embarra*s*sed he would feel.

While at her desk, Charlotte was frowning and felt uncomfortable. She did not understand why Hector had to give in to Zachary’s requests and bow down to him when the Sterlings were so well-off.

Isn’t it better for him to manage his own business?

Is Zachary the only client in the world?

At that moment, the injured man emerged from the restroom with a handkerchief covering his forehead. Owen followed behind him.

Charlotte could not help but steal a glance. His forehead was still bleeding, and his white shirt was soaked with blood. He looked miserable.

Feeling bad, she clasped her hands together tightly. All she wanted to do was to show concern, but she did not dare to.

Till Hector entered the elevator, she did not make a move. However, she caught him raising his head and looking at her with bloodshot eyes, along with an inexplicable expression.

Her heart ached and tears welled up in her eyes.

Finally, Hector left as the elevator door closed. Charlotte lowered her head, overwhelmed.

“Charlotte, go to the president’s office with Dani to clean up,” Lucy ordered.

“Huh? I…” Danielle trembled in fear. “Ms. Wright, I’m afraid…”

“What is there to be scared of?” Lucy growled, “Do a good job and don’t sprout nonsense or look around unnecessarily. If you don’t step on his toes, Mr. Nacht will not eat you up.”

“Noted.” Charlotte quickly brought the necessary tools to the president’s office.

Danielle could only follow obed*iently. She tugged Charlotte’s arm and muttered, “Charlotte, can I clean the outside later while you clean the inside?”


In contrast to Danielle, Charlotte was unafraid. She even wanted to confront Zachary about why he hit Hector. Did he have to resort to violence like that?

After they knocked on the door and entered the president’s office, Zachary commanded, “Tell the others that no one shall allow Hector to step into Divine Corporation without my permission from now on.”

“Yes!” Ben immediately heeded his order.

Danielle lowered her head and timidly picked up the glassshards by the door.

On the other hand, Charlotte walked to Zachary’s desk and squatted down to tidy the documents that had been scattered on the ground. There, she found Hector’s blood stains all over the place.

Once again, she felt bad and felt a wave of anger.

“You don’t have to clean up. Get out,” Zachary ordered.


However, Charlotte stopped Danielle mid-sentence, “Mr. Nacht, are you not afraid of the stench of blood?” She coldly continued, “Otherwise, are you used to such violence?”

Ben held his breath. He wanted to remind Charlotte not to argue with Zachary at that moment, but he did not dare to speak.

Meanwhile, Danielle was taken aback. Is Charlotte out of her mind? How dare she talk back to Mr. Nacht like that?

Even if she doesn’t care about the consequences, at least she shouldn’t drag me down!

“Are you questioning me?” Zachary glared at Charlotte, with a cold stare.

Trembling in terror, Danielle’s legs turned jelly.

“Get out of here,” Zachary told Danielle, with his eyes still fixated on Charlotte.

Immediately, Danielle scurried away. Gauging the situation, Ben followed behind.

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