Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 133

Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Charlotte Windt Novel

Chapter 133

In the washroom, Charlotte was splashing cold water onto her face in a desperate attempt to calm herself down. As she recalled the incident that night, she was utterly bewildered by what had happened.

She fiddled through her phone and identified the contact number saved as “Gigolo in Debt”. Hesitating, she ruminated about whether to call him.

After all, she had to stay firm with the decision that was made that day. Since then, she had never contacted him anymore. If I were to contact him now, that will amount to a tight slap to my face!

Besides, it took an insurmountable effort to cut ties with the gigolo. If I contact him now, I’ll be entangled in this messed-up relationship again!

Eventually, she decided to heed her rational senses. The burning issue was with Zachary. He had become immensely possessive over her. Sooner or later, something bad would happen.

Perhaps I should leave Divine Corporation.

Currently, the income from DTT was sufficient to feed the family. Once her income source has stabilized, she would tender her resignation letter to the Divine Corporation.

Charlotte felt relieved after making that decision.

She kept her phone in her pocket and returned to work.

Suddenly, Danial came over and asked anxiously, “Charlotte, did Mr. Nacht fire you?”

“Why would I be fired?” Charlotte was puzzled.

“The way you talked back to him just now, are you not in trouble for that?” Danial scrutinized his surroundings cautiously and said, “He was fuming with anger. It was a terrifying sight!”

“Yes, he was indeed furious,” Charlotte feigned her frustration, “additionally, he lambasted me and chased me out of the room.”

“He merely reprimanded you?” Danial was surprised.

“What did you think happened?” Charlotte laughed bitterly.

Danial replied, “Good to know. You’re so lucky…”

After that, Danial did not say anything further and returned to work.

Charlotte thought to herself. I should avoid that Devil in the future. Or else, rumors will start circulation in the company again.

After work, Charlotte’s colleagues invited her to join them for dinner but she rejected their kind invitation.

Her priority was her children back home. With the scarce time that was available, she treasured the invaluable family time and wanted to spend time with her children. Not to mention, she would need to work at the bar later at night.

Charlotte was heading towards the subway when she unexpectedly received Mrs. Berry’s call. “Miss, there’s an issue again. It’s best if you head to the kindergarten now.”

Charlotte rushed towards Apple Kindergarten, feeling a sense of Deja vu.

In the principal’s office, Luna and Amanda were seated on the sofa. The ambiance in the room was eerily hostile. On the other side of the room, Ms. Longman and Ms. Cheney were standing worriedly in front of them like servants who made a mistake.

Meanwhile, Ms. Berry and Ellie were at the corner of the room.

However, Robbie, Jamie and Timothy were absent.

“We don’t have time for this. If her parents are not going to show up, we shall leave this to the police.” Amanda’s instruction was absolute.

“Alright, Mam…” the lawyer immediately took out his phone and was ready to call the police.

Ellie broke into tears and waved her chubby hands in protest. “I don’t want to go to prison, I don’t want to go to prison…” she repeatedly begged.

“Ellie, don’t be afraid. Mommy will be here soon enough,” Mrs. Berry quickly tried to calm her down.

“Hey, kid, don’t be afraid,” Luna smirked. “You’re only three and a half years old. Even if you’ve made a mistake, you won’t go to prison. Nonetheless, the person that will actually be imprisoned is your guardian, who is your Mommy!”

“I don’t want, I don’t want Mommy to be imprisoned…” Ellie’s cries resonated even louder.

Ellie’s shrieking cries of agony echoed throughout the room. Her eyes were swollen and her cheeks flushed red. It was heart-wrenching for a young girl like her to display such despair and melancholy.

“Ellie!” Charlotte rushed into the room and lovingly hugged her child.

“Mommy!” Ellie embraced her hug. She was crying out of breath. “Mommy, I’m sorry…”

“Ellie, don’t worry about it. Mommy is here. It will be fine.” Charlotte tenderly patted her on the back. “Now, tell me what happened?”

“Mommy,. I lost the bracelet…” Ellie shakenly replied.

Her voice was obscured by the excessive crying.

“Let me explain the situation.” Amanda scornfully looked at Charlotte. “She lost my grandson’s diamond bracelet that was passed down for generations. It costs about thirty million. Now, don’t you think that we should be compensated?”

“Mom, why are you being courteous to them?” Luna exclaimed in agitation, “clearly, she stole it!”

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