Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 138

Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort (Charlotte and Zachary)

Chapter 138

“It was Timothy’s mother.” Jamie clenched his fist f0rcefully. He was all riled up and continued to utter, “She rebuked us for not having a father, and even said that we are…”

Jamie gritted his teeth to stop himself from finishing the sentence. What came next was something he dared not mention. Consequently, his eyes started to turn red.

“Don’t bother. She did it on purpose!” Robbie tried to remind his brother. However, red streaks were evidently visible in the corner of his eyes as well.

Charlotte bit her lips and remained quiet. Nevertheless, she knew the impact of those derogatory words towards the children…

Previously, she bit the bullet when they bullied her inhumanely. Nonetheless, this time, she wouldn’t let them off the hook anymore…

“Karma will catch up to them.” Mrs. Berry was infuriated.

“What’s her temperature?” Charlotte changed the topic of conversation.

“101.3 degrees Fahrenheit!” Robbie frowned. “Mommy, I think we should let Ellie have some fever medicine.”

Jamie swiftly raced towards the living room to retrieve the first aid kit box. “I’ll get the medicine.”

Mrs. Berry fiddled through the box and found the fever medicine. Immediately, she gave Ellie some of the medicine according to the recommended dosage.

Worryingly, Ellie was coughing profusely. Much to their dismay, she vomited most of the medicine and only managed to ingest a small portion of it.

Charlotte was perturbed with Ellie’s condition. Ever since she was born, her health and immune system were far from inferior compared to that of her two brothers. Therefore, Charlotte had always provided her with delicate care and attention.

After years of meticulous care and rehabilitation, Ellie’s health improved dramatically. Regrettably, the sudden fever must be caused by the inflammation of the tonsils due to her excessive crying.

After feeding Ellie with the medicine, it was already eighty-twenty at night.

While changing her shirt, Charlotte told Mrs. Berry, “Mrs. Berry, I’ll need to head to work now. May I trouble you tonight to take care of Ellie? Please remember to keep her hydrated and to frequently perform sponging for her. If the fever doesn’t subside when I return from work, I’ll bring her to the hospital.”

“Miss, it’s already late at night. Where are you going?” Mrs. Berry was concerned.

Charlotte replied, “I found a side job from eighty-thirty to ten-thirty at night. Heck, I’m almost late.”

Charlotte hurriedly put on her clothes and left with her handbag.

“Mommy, please wait for a second.” Robbie pursued her hastily and passed her a bag. “You haven’t had dinner yet. Bring this bread along.”

“This as well.” Jamie ran out of the house with a box of milk. “Mommy, don’t worry about Ellie. We’ll take care of her.”

“Alright.” Charlotte started to tear up. “Thank you, everyone. Mommy’s got to go now!”

“We will do so, Mommy!” Jamie and Robbie replied with innocent smiles on their faces.

Charlotte took a ride towards Bar DTT. In the car, she mindlessly munched on the bread and gulped on the milk. All she could think about was her children and the hardships they had to go through. Unable to hold it together, she burst into tears.

She was willing to endure all sorts of hardships and suffering. However, her children were off-limits.

The mother-daughter duo were detestable. Also, they were rich and had ample time at their disposal. On the flip side, Charlotte didn’t have the energy to be siphoned into a never-ending feud with them.

Perhaps I should consider transferring the children to another kindergarten…

Be that as it may, she needed money for the transfer. Hence, her only goal at the moment was to make as much money as possible.

When the clock hit eight-thirty sharp, Charlotte was still on her way. At the same time, an unsaved number was calling her. As expected, it was a call from DTT. Hence, she immediately answered the phone. “Hello!”

“Charlotte, what’s the matter with you? Are you not coming today?” It was Peter from Bar DTT.

“I’m sorry. There was an emergency back at home and I departed from my house slightly later than usual. I’m on my way but I might need another ten minutes…” she shakingly replied.

“Alright. I’ll ask the other singers to replace you for the moment. You’ll start at nine-thirty!” Peter suggested.

“Sure, thanks Peter.” Charlotte was grateful for the gesture.

As Charlotte put down the phone, she could finally catch a breath. Fortunately, her boss was a reasonable man. If it were someone like the Devil, perhaps she would be fired already.

At nine-ten, Charlotte arrived at the DTT anxiously. Meanwhile, there was a male singer on stage singing a rock song. Although he was very professional, the crowd remained unsatisfied with the performance.

“We want to listen to the gorgeous lady from yesterday!”

“That’s right! We’re here specially for her. Where is she?”

Charlotte sneaked in from the back and headed straight towards the changing room.

At the corner of a room, Peter restlessly signaled for her to put on makeup and head onto the stage.

Charlotte obed*iently nodded. In the meantime, she noticed a man who looked exactly like the Gigolo In Debt and was sitting beside Peter.

His posture emanated overwhelming haughtiness and arrogance. Delicately, he swirled the wine glassand smiled fondly at her. One look at his eyes and she was instantly electrified by his burning affection.

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