Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 142

Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 142

“So that was what happened…” Charlotte finally pieced the puzzle together. However, another doubt was quick to surface in her mind. “But, the Devil is such an aggressive and domineering person. How did you manage to snatch me away from him?”

“After all, you are my girlfriend,” Chris answered confidently, “as domineering as he is, he would not have sacrificed his customers and business just for a woman.”

“That’s true.” Charlotte believed what he said. Indeed, she knew how Zachary was when it comes to work. His mind would be engulfed by business and nothing else.

She then recalled Zachary’s behavior today. If it were him who saved her that night, he would also be the person who slept with her. However, he did not mention any of this.


He’s the real gigolo, and the person in front of me is a fake!

Charlotte looked towards the self-proclaimed “Gigolo In Debt”. However, she quickly dismissed her doubts. It’s impossible. That day, I saw Zachary leave with my own eyes. Then, this dude beside me drove this exact same car to fetch me.

The two events happened in less than a minute. It would be impossible for the “Gigolo In Debt” would not be in two places at once.

Therefore, Zachary was in fact his true self. On the flipside, this dude beside me is the real “Gigolo In Debt”. That must be the truth!

“What are you thinking about?” Chris tenderly approached her. “Are you surprised that I’m not a gigolo?”

“A bit.” Charlotte gave him a complicated stare.

She gave him a complicated look. Since he’s not a gigolo. Should I let him reunite with the children?

At the end of the day, the children need their father…

“If you wish, it’s not too late for me to be a gigolo.” Chris put up a straight face and proposed.

Charlotte burst into laughter.

“You finally laughed.” Chris pinched her cheeks. “Do you know that you look good when you’re smiling? Smile more!”

Charlotte suddenly realized that Chris wasn’t that bad after all. Whenever she was in trouble, he would be there to rescue her.

Besides, he was honest with her. Every day, he would religiously transfer the money into her account and report his earnings.

Now, he was trying to make her laugh and feel happy…

In her opinion, he was a perfect person.

Before this, she was concerned with his occupation. However, now that she found out that he was not a gigolo, there wouldn’t be any negative influence on the children. Perhaps, it is possible that…

As she was contemplating bewildering thoughts in her mind, Charlotte snapped back into reality and noticed that the car was taking the wrong route back home. She nervously asked, “Where are you driving me? Why am I further from home?”

“We’re going for supper. It’s too early to go home.” In actual fact, Chris had no idea where her house was.

However, he was quick on his feet and told a lie without breaking a sweat.

“No can do. I need to go home now. Please send me back.” She quickly urged.

“Hmm…” he hesitated.

“Did you forget my address?” she a*s*sumed.

“No…” He tried to wiggle his way out.

Suddenly, Charlotte’s phone rang and it was from Mrs. Berry. “Miss, Ellie’s fever is now at 103.1 degrees Fahrenheit…”

“I’m coming back immediately.” Charlotte panicked. “Mrs. Berry, can you please prepare the medical card and a water bottle? We’ll head straight to the hospital when I reach home.”

“Alright.” Mrs. Berry then put down the phone.

Chris managed to locate her address from the navigation records. He immediately made a U-turn and exclaimed, “32 Happy Avenue, am I correct? We’ll be there in ten minutes!”

“Thank you.” Charlotte was delighted that he remembered her address. “I’ve deleted your contact number. Call me again so that I can save it.”

“My phone…”

Chris’s heart sank. Previously, Zachary lent Chris his phone for the sole purpose of impersonating him. However, the phone was later reclaimed at Sultry Night!

Although Chris could furtively borrow the car, he could never gain access to Zachary’s phone.

“Why? You don’t want to give it to me?” Charlotte was displeased with his hesitant look.

“No…” Chris’s eyes glistened as he found an excuse. “I’ve stopped using that number. I’ll give you my new one.”

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