Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 143

Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 143

“No… I’ve stopped using that phone number. Here, you should have my new one,” explained Chris.

As he was saying that, he passed his phone to Charlotte after unlocking it…

“Why did you change your phone number?” asked Charlotte. “Oh, I know… I bet a lot of girls must’ve had your old number,” she added.

“Hey, the past is in the past. I’m a different man now. I’ll only be yours in the future!” Chris promised solemnly.

“Hah! Only a fool would believe you.” Charlotte feigned a smile.

“I swear!” Chris raised his hand. “From now on, if I’m ever seen fooling around with other girls, then I shall be forever cursed with erectile dysfunction.”

“Don’t give me that bullsh*t!” said Charlotte. Seeing Chris being so sincere and honest, Charlotte finally budged and dropped the subject. Hmm, what should I set his name as in my contacts, though?

Chris took a glance at her and knew exactly what she was thinking about. Hence, he frivolously said, “Just put my name as the child’s father.”

A trickle of sweat was flowing down Charlotte’s forehead the moment she heard that. “You like kids?” asked Charlotte anxiously.

“I’ll love them as long as you’re their mother. I’ve got a suggestion… Why don’t we start making one tonight?” Chris grabbed her hand tightly.

“Stop fooling around! I have things to do at home.” Charlotte withdrew her hand and was quite flustered.

“Aww… Then how about we pick this up tomo-”

“Bye! Drive safe.”

Charlotte was still preoccupied with Ellie’s illness, so she wasn’t in the mood for a lovers squabble.

That being said, she was touched by the fact that the attractive Chris really liked kids.

This was because her kids, who just went through a lot today, would always nag on and on about meeting their father. Should I let them meet Chris? Will I ruin it in the future if I do?

“Just stop the car here. I’ll go up by myself,” said Charlotte after arriving at her block.

“I’ll walk you…” Chris was getting ready to unfasten his seatbelt.

“Nah, it’s ok.” Charlotte opened the car door and rushed to her apartment.

However, Chris still made sure that she made it inside before he drove off.

As he was making a U-turn, he realized that Charlotte’s purse was still in the car. After making the turn, he parked the car by the roadside and took out his phone to call her.

Before he could make the call, he saw Charlotte carrying a young girl while running out. Behind them was a plump woman trudging behind, doing her best to keep up with them.

Three of them went in a cab and sped off in the opposite direction…

Chris was stunned. As he watched the cab drift away, his mind was flooded with a plethora of questions.

However, he was still able to keep his sangfroid when he tried to access the situation calmly. Curious, he opened Charlotte’s purse, and her black wallet caught his attention. Chris opened the wallet and saw a family photo being kept in it.

In the photo, Charlotte and the plump woman he saw earlier were sitting beside each other. In their arms were three babies while a green parrot was standing on top of Charlotte’s head. Six of them, yes, including the parrot, were beaming with smiles, and they looked really happy.

Chris was shell-shocked, yet, he was able to compose his mind and came up with a bold a*s*sumption. Even so, he wasn’t intrepid enough to confirm it himself…

During this mental crisis of his, his phone rang, and that brought him back to reality. “Hey, bro!” He answered it.

“Where the hell is my car? Where did you take it to?” Zachary impugned him.

“I was only borrowing it out for a quick drive. Since my car is still in E Nation, I had no choice…” replied Chris in a furtive manner.

“Well, you can use all the other cars, all except for this one. Come back with it right now!” yelled Zachary.

“Okay, okay, jeez… I’ll send it home right now. Calm down. There’s no need to be so mad.” Chris conciliated him.

After hanging up the phone, Chris called Peter and asked, “Is the bar still open?”

“Yes, it still opens for another half an hour.”

“Okay, wait for me. I’ve got something to deliver to you there.”

Chris drove back to Bar DTT and handed Charlotte’s purse over to Peter. “Don’t let her know that I was the one who brought her purse back. Just tell her that she left it here.”

“No problem!”

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