Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 146

Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 146

Charlotte was stunned for a moment and hurriedly got into the car.

Everyone around was watching her.

Several women who lived in the same neighborhood were gossiping around. “Isn’t this Mrs. Berry’s daughter? Look, she has a boyfriend now.”

“He looks rich and handsome. Mrs. Berry lucked out!”

“Quick, close the convertible.” Charlotte covered her face since she did not want to be seen by her acquaintances.

“What are you afraid of? I have nothing to be ashamed of.” Chris closed the convertible and even waved at the women. “Bye, lad*ies!”

“Bye!” They were overjoyed.

“Why did you wave at them?” She could not understand him. “Don’t you think you’re being too flashy?”

“They’re your neighbors, aren’t they? So we will know each other eventually,” Chris said cheekily, “When do you plan to let me meet your family?”

“Stop messing around.” Although Charlotte spurned, a smile appeared on her face. “Why are you driving in a different car today? Where’s the Aston Martin?”

“That car broke down, so I took it to repair.”

Chris sped away in his car.

“Broke down? It was fine yesterday.” Charlotte was shocked.

“It broke down on the way back.”

He was not lying. He deliberately crashed it on the way back and brought the car with a deformed front hood to Zachary’s garage.

Early this morning, Ben arranged for someone to send it for repair.

That way, Zachary would not be driving that car, and Charlotte would not meet the real Gigolo In Debt anymore…

After doing all that, Chris felt a little uneasy as this was his first time playing tricks on Zachary since childhood.

He was hesitant and felt anxious for a moment, but in the end, he did it anyway.

He knew that he had protection, so Zachary would not actually do anything to him.

“Drive carefully next time.”

Charlotte exhorted and started feasting on the buns and soy milk.

Chris glanced at her and pretended to be pitiful. “How rude. I drove to pick you up, but you won’t give me food.”

“Fine. Just one bun——the one I’ve started eating.” She handed him a half-bitten bun.

Surprisingly, he did not mind and leaned closer to take a big bite. “Mmm, so delicious!”

“The buns made by Mrs. Berry are delicious, indeed.”

She stuffed the remaining half into his mouth.

“Bring a few more tomorrow.” He licked his lips. “I can eat ten of such delicious buns in one go.”

“You will make me poor.” Charlotte smiled and wiped his mouth for him.

“I personally drove to pick you up, yet you accuse me of eating too much of your food.”

Chris totally enjoyed his close interaction with Charlotte. Although I have dated many women, I have never shared a bun with a girl in a car like this. This is the most blissful thing in the world.

“All right, all right. I will bring ten for you.”

Charlotte was worried that he could not accept her current state of living, but she did not expect him to be so down-to-earth. It seemed like her worries were unnecessary.

I will observe for a little bit longer. Then, if he continues to behave this well, I might consider taking him to meet Mrs. Berry and the children.

The children need a father, after all…

A speedy drive meant that it only took ten minutes for them to reach the street across from the office.

“Let’s stop here. I don’t want to be seen by my colleagues.” Charlotte was very cautious.

“All right.” He parked his car by the road. “I will be busy this afternoon, so I can’t pick you up after work. I’ll see you at the bar tonight!”

“Sure.” When she was about to get out of the car, he suddenly held her and leaned in intimately. “Goodbye kiss!”

Charlotte blushed and closed her eyes nervously.

Chris curled up the corners of his lips and leaned in even closer. When his thin, s*e*xy lips were about to make contact with her forehead, a Rolls-Royce suddenly passed by…

He hurriedly let go of her and teased, “Let’s leave it there. We’ll get back to it tonight!”

Opening her eyes, Charlotte glanced at him bashfully. She then quickly got off the car and ran towards the company building…

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