Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 150

Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 150

Charlotte had to admire Zachary for his thoughtfulness and intelligence. Everything was under his control…

Looks like I’ve never truly understood Zachary before. He has been nothing but a cruel and moody devil to me. However, I admire his capability now.

He’s really amazing!

It took a while for Charlotte’s mind to come back to reality. She sighed. “The purpose of spending so much manpower and financial resources to salvage the chip is to lower our opponents’ guard. Seems like this chip is far more valuable than I thought!”

“You finally got it.” Zachary’s lips curled up slightly.

“Then…” Charlotte bit her bottom lip and asked courageously, “There’s no issue with my one-million reward?”

“Of course not.” Zachary waved his hands. “You brought back the chip so soon; I should double your reward!”

“Two million?” Charlotte was ecstatic. “Thank you, Mr. Nacht, thank you!”

She immediately took out a note on which she had written her banking information long ago. She stretched it out neatly and handed it to Ben. “Please transfer the funds into this account, hehe!”

“Uh…” Ben took the note and looked at Zachary cautiously.

“I will transfer two million without leaving out a single penny, but…” Zachary pushed the tablet in front of her. “Explain this to me first…”

“What?” Charlotte took a look at the tablet and became horrified…

A piece of trending news appeared on the computer screen—

Luna, the young lady of the Sterlings, participated in the 9th Haven Gala and became the center of attention with a long-lost ruby ​​necklace from F Nation! !!

In the photo, Luna beamed with a bright smile with the ruby ​​necklace gleaming on her chest…

Charlotte hurriedly closed this link. She did not expect so many media outlets to be covering this matter.

Thanks to the ruby necklace, Luna has by now become the center of everyone’s attention!


Charlotte lowered her head and stammered; she was at a loss for an explanation.

She did not even dare to look up at Zachary because she could feel he was looking at her like he was about to eat her up.

“Mr. Nacht, I shall get going first.” Ben had cleverly chosen to leave the room at this time.

Charlotte panicked even more. She opened her mouth and tried to explain but she did not know where to start.

How should I put it?

Should I tell him that the children have lost the Whites’ ancestral bracelet and that Amanda and Luna wanted me to compensate them by threatening to report the incident to the police and media otherwise? Should I tell him that since I’m unable to compensate them, I could only use the ruby necklace as collateral…

If I tell him all this, the children will be exposed…

Zachary will accuse me of lying, and I won’t be able to leave this office alive…

“You have one minute.”

Zachary arrogantly leaned back on the leather chair and lighted his cigar slowly.

“I…” Since she could not give him an explanation, she could only make a fool of herself. “In the car that day, you threw the necklace away yourself. Someone probably picked it up, or…”

“Try lying to me again?” Zachary raised his brows with a murderous vibe.

“I…” Charlotte trembled with fright and dared not to talk nonsense again.

“Seeing how greedy you are, you’ll definitely return to pick up the necklace after you got off the car …” Zachary stared at her coldly. “Now, why is the necklace in that woman’s hands?”

“I don’t know…” Charlotte’s voice had been reduced to the size of a mosquito by now.

“You gave it to her?” Zachary questioned.

Charlotte did not dare to speak, let alone look at him. Running out of patience, Zachary got up and slowly approached her…

“Wh-what are you doing?” Charlotte backed away anxiously, feeling that she would be torn apart by him…

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