Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 166

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 166

Charlotte and the other members of the security department arrived at the main entrance to welcome Mr. Sterk.

At the same time, a group of reporters was standing outside of the perimeter. They were jostling for position and taking pictures at the same time.

They wanted to know if the product launch would be hosted by Zachary.

As the convoy stopped. A bodyguard opened the door of the Rolls-Royce Phantom. When someone stepped out of the car, everyone’s eyes widened in anticipation.

The legendary president of Divine Corporation had never appeared before the media. They didn’t even know how he looked like. Therefore, they were all waiting anxiously to see how he looked like in real life.

However, the one who stepped out was a white-haired old man dressed in a suit with matching leather shoes.

The reporters were all stunned and speculated amongst themselves, “Is this the legendary Mr. Nacht?”

“Mr. Nacht is an influential man in the business world. I think it’s unlikely for him to be very young.”

“That’s right, it would be impossible to be a tech genius and business magnate at such a young age.”

With that, the reporters asked, “Are you Mr. Nacht?”

“Are you here to host the launch of the new tech products?”

Mr. Sterk didn’t say a word. He had a stern expression on with his eyebrows furrowed. Under the protection of eighteen elite bodyguards, he entered the building swiftly.

As the security guards held the reporters back, Charlotte was squeezed behind by the crowd and started to fall behind.

At that moment, Mr. Sterk was about to enter the elevator when he caught a glimpse of Charlotte. He then gave his men some instructions.

The bodyguards quickly came over and pulled her out from the crowd.

As her legs couldn’t touch the ground, she looked funny hanging in midair. Nevertheless, she waved at Mr. Sterk to greet him. “Hi Mr. Sterk.”

“Are you here to welcome me?” he asked.

“That’s right.” As Charlotte observed his reaction, she probed, “Did you have a smooth journey?”

“Smooth?” Mr. Sterk expression darkened and glared coldly at the bodyguards. “I almost d*ied in their hands.”

Charlotte scanned the group of bodyguards. Although they were wearing black face masks, it was obvious to her they were all handsome men.

Charlotte gulped and rea*s*sured him, “Their methods may have been harsh, but it’s for the greater good.”

“If not for the greater good, I would rather d*ie before I come.”

Despite his firm tone, he had already relented.

Zachary sent eighteen of his bodyguards to pick him up leaving only Ben and Bruce by his side. It was obvious how important Mr. Sterk was to him.

Regardless of the reason, it was enough to demonstrate his sincerity to Mr. Sterk.

Despite his ruthlessness, Zachary was meticulous when it came to doing something for others.

“Of course. You are one of the founders of the company and naturally, want the best for it.”

As Charlotte didn’t really understand Mr. Sterk’s situation, she was worried about saying the wrong thing. Hence, she kept their conversation to the formalities.

“As one of Divine Corporation’s founders, I will not sit still if the company encounters any trouble. It’s just that the way the young punk does things is…”

When Mr. Sterk remembered the laxative he drank the other day, he felt a chill down his spine.

“About the chip…”

“Forget it.”

Just when Charlotte wanted to explain about the chip, Mr. Sterk interrupted her, “Let’s get the product launch over and done with. As for the rest, we will resolve them later.”

Charlotte’s lips squirmed as she smiled awkwardly. I wonder what will he do to me if he finds out that I was the one who put the chip in his coffee…

Ding! The elevator door opened.

Bruce, Lucy, and the others were waiting at the entrance. When a few reporters rushed over to take pictures, David and other bodyguards ran to stop them.

When Charlotte helped Mr. Sterk out of the elevator, she suddenly heard Bruce instructing the bodyguards softly. “Mr. Nacht is in trouble. Team 2, head to level 68 to a*s*sist. Team 1, stay here and secure the area.”


The bodyguards reentered the elevator and headed to level 68.

Charlotte felt her heart tighten and considered whether to go check on him…

“Don’t worry, he will be fine.” Mr. Sterk suddenly commented. “With his combat ability, even God can’t harm him.”

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