Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 169

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 169

Zachary was jolted when he heard her words. As his fingers continued to dance on the keyboard, he looked at her passionately. “Worried about me?”

Realizing her Freudian slip, Charlotte blushed and bit her lower lip, not daring to utter another word.

When he saw how embarra*s*sed she was, Zachary couldn’t help but be touched. He used his leg under the table to nudge her. “Come over!”


With her heart racing, Charlotte glanced at him bashfully before averting her gaze.

“Hurry up,” Zachary demanded.

Charlotte dawdled towards him. Despite being just a few steps apart, it felt as if they were a thousand kilometers away. It took her a long time to close the distance.

Ben grew anxious. Are these two actually being lovey-dovey at such a crucial moment?


Just as Charlotte cried out, Zachary pulled her into his embrace.

Sitting on his lap, her body was trembling all over. When she was about to struggle, he ordered softly, “Don’t move.” Then, he circled his hands around her waist and continued typing away.

Charlotte didn’t dare move a muscle.

She was literally caught in the middle of a fight over a project worth tens of billions and the fate of the company. With his hands on both sides of her slender waist, she was worried that any move she made would cause a devastating impact.

And it would be an unforgivable sin.

Rolling his eyes, Ben cracked his knuckles in exasperation as he couldn’t stand the sight of them.

At that moment, he recalled that Mr. Sterk had drunk laxatives for four consecutive days and suddenly felt he could empathize with him.

As a warrior, he had K*lled all his enemies in cold blood.

On the other hand, Mr. Nacht fought for the fate of the world while embracing a beauty at the same time.

Although no one was doubting Mr. Nacht’s capabilities, Ben still couldn’t help but feel nervous.

Cursing like a madman in his heart still couldn’t relieve the stress that was building up within him.

“Let go of me and do this properly. At this crucial moment, how can you…”

Charlotte pushed Zachary away gently.

At that moment, the screen was flashing with green code. Beside it, a tablet computer was showing the live broadcast of the launch event on the sixty-sixth floor.

Mr. Sterk had finished his introductions of the president and began to talk about the features of the new products.

The old man wiped the sweat off his brow as he was running out of ideas to stall. All he could do was hope that Zachary could stabilize the system so that the new products could be launched.

As for Zachary, his eyes were fixated on the screen while his fingers continued to dance on the keyboard. Meanwhile, his chin seemed to be to discreetly resting on Charlotte’s bre@st.

Charlotte didn’t dare move nor push him away.

She felt as if she was a temptress who was distracting the hero from his duty.

Ben was so nervous that he had the urge to pull Charlotte away but didn’t have the courage to do so.

Bang! A loud noise suddenly came from outside.

“Someone has barged in.” Ben turned around vigilantly.

“Hold on!”

Zachary didn’t bother to look and even used the opportunity to bite Charlotte’s bre@st.

Despite being shielded by her top, he could still feel the wonderful sensation of its bounce.

“Ah…” Charlotte M0@ned. “What are you doing?”

Ben’s lips twitch as his expression darkened. However, he had no choice but to head out to battle with a golf club in hand.

The moment he opened the door, a few a*s*sa*s*sins dashed at him with knives in their hands. Ben gritted his teeth and charged head on.

“Let go of me. I’m going to help.”

When Charlotte saw Ben’s wound was still bleeding, she felt terribly guilty. She pushed Zachary away as she wanted to help.

However, Zachary hugged her even tighter with his cold lips brushing across her collarbone, his fingers furiously typing still.

Charlotte was filled with anxiety. “Stop fooling around. Everyone is depending on you at this crucial moment… Ah…”

Before she could finish, she M0@ned again as her body trembled.

Damn Zachary! Why did he bump into me…

Although they were still separated by their clothes, she was already trembling from the electrifying sensation.

The moment he heard her M0@n, Ben’s hand was slashed by a knife.

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