Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 176

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 176

Ever since the children were born, they never left here before. This time, it might be at least a few days before they were reunited.

Charlotte had to find out who was the culprit as she couldn’t allow them to harm her children.

With careful thought, she narrowed down her enemies to Wesley, Yolanda, and the Whites.

Wesley and Yolanda were in jail, so they were out of the equation.

As for the Whites, despite how vicious they were, wouldn’t dare use Zachary’s name to commit such an act.

However, if not them, who then?

She called Gigolo again as she walked home.

When she hurriedly left home just now, she didn’t take anything other than her phone. Heading back to pack, she decided to stay at a hotel until the matter was resolved.

Just when she lowered her head to make a call, she didn’t realize there was a figure following her from a dark corner.

At the airport, Zachary had just boarded the plane when he saw a missed call on his other number. There was also a message from Charlotte that read: Come save me!

His expression changed dramatically as he stood up to disembark.

“Mr. Nacht.” Bruce followed behind him quickly. “Is there something wrong?”

“Go to E Nation on my behalf. I need to head back first.”

Zachary rushed off the plane without looking back. He quickened his footsteps before starting to sprint.

In his heart, he was blaming himself failing to foresee this.

That madwoman had sent men to disrupt my product launch. Hence, it’s natural for her to harm Charlotte too. How could I have missed something so important and not pick up her call?

If something happens to her, I won’t be able to forgive myself.

“What should we do?” the bodyguards asked Bruce.

“Team one shall protect Mr. Nacht while team two will come with me to E Nation,” Bruce ordered decisively. “Protect him from the shadows, and don’t get in his way.”


Just when Charlotte returned to her home and prepared to turn on the lights, she could sense a murderous intent behind her. Turning around she grabbed her high heel and swung it f0rcefully.

However, she missed as the intruder jumped aside to avoid it.

Charlotte then rushed into the house frantically and shut the door. After locking it, she stood behind the door to block it.




Outside, the man was kicking the door down. Every time he struck, the door would shake Charlotte forward.

Charlotte was seized by fear. With one hand blocking the door, she tried calling the police with the other.

At that moment, she received a call. It was Zachary.

She quickly picked up. “Save me…”

“Charlotte, where are you?”

“I’m at home.”

“Damn it, I’m asking where do you stay?”


Before she could finish, the door was kicked open. Both her and her phone fell onto the ground.

There wasn’t enough time to pick up the phone. Hence she frantically picked herself up and tried to run. However, the man in black kicked her back down.


As Charlotte’s agonizing scream rang through the phone, Zachary’s hand that was gripping the steering wheel began to tremble. He was speeding so fast that it felt like the car was about to fly.

“Who are you? Why do you want to K*ll me?”

With her body on the ground, Charlotte scrambled backward in fear.

The man in black was wearing a face mask and a baseball cap, hiding his features. He was holding a sharp knife as he approached her gradually.

“Don’t K*ll me,” Charlotte trembled as she pleaded, “I’ll give you all my money.”

The man in black ignored her. Raising his knife, he thrust it forward.


Suddenly, a loud shriek could be heard followed by a flash of green flying across the room. It pecked at the man’s eyes viciously.

“Argh!” The man’s eyes began to bleed as he screamed in agony. He waved the knife in his hand to fend off his attacker.

“Evil man! Evil man!”

Fifi evaded the attacks with great agility. With a flap of her wings, she danced around in the air.


Charlotte scrambled to stand up and reached out her hand for Fifi to land. After that, she turned and ran into her room.

“Damn it!” The man in black pursued.

Charlotte quickly locked the door and even pushed a wardrobe over to reinf0rce it. With Fifi in hand, she wanted to escape from the window. But when she reached it, she realized she was on the thirteenth floor.

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