Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 179

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 179

Charlotte quickly closed her eyes and turned around. “You… you’re still bathing. I’ll wait outside.”

Zachary ignored her.

As Charlotte walked out, something occurred to her. Why don’t I use this opportunity to check if there is a wolf head tattoo on his back?

With that thought in mind, she stopped in her tracks. Having gathered her courage, she said, “I would like to talk to you about something.”

“Hmm?” Zachary grunted.

“Were you the one who sent me the Delivery from Hell?” Charlotte demanded to know.

Zachary opened his eyes. “Did someone send it to you using my name?”

“Yes.” Charlotte nodded. “I received a parcel in the evening. Inside, there was a body of a dead kitten and also a bomb…”

Just talking about it caused her to feel the chills from the incident. “Luckily, I realized it in time and the explosion wasn’t a big one. Or else, I would be dead now.”

Zachary was briefly silent before giving Raina a call. “There’s a Delivery from Hell. Go and investigate who sent it.”


“It wasn’t you? Who could it be then?” Charlotte couldn’t put two and two together. “Who would even dare pretend to be you?”

It wasn’t strange if someone wanted to harm her. What piqued her curiosity was that the culprit did so in Zachary’s name.

“I’ve sent men to investigate so we’ll know soon enough.” Zachary wiped the water off his face. “Is there anything else?”

“With regards to the necklace…”

“You still have one day.” Zachary didn’t budge.


Charlotte had wanted to plead for more time. But Zachary had closed his eyes and obviously didn’t want to hear any of it.

Pursing her lips, Charlotte glared at him angrily.

There’s no way I can see the tattoo with his back to the bathtub.

After giving it some thought, Charlotte remarked on purpose, “Mr. Nacht, I don’t understand why you f0rced me to sign the debt repayment agreement. Have you fallen for me? But I’m already taken.”

Zachary growled with a frown, “Get out.”

“It’s the truth, I’m not bluffing.” Charlotte was desperate. “My boyfriend is tall and handsome. Every time I’m in trouble, he would come save me. Besides, he…”

“Who saved you this time?” Zachary opened his eyes and looked at her as if she was an idiot. “And the last time, and the time before that…”

“Yes, you have also saved me many times. But he is different…” Charlotte had an idea and declared on purpose, “He is my first boyfriend and I will never leave him.”

“Oh? What does he do?” Zachary raised his eyebrow curiously.

“He…” Charlotte hesitated before she replied reluctantly, “He works in the service industry.”

I can’t fully confirm that Zachary is Gigolo yet, what if he isn’t?

Hence, she decided not to reveal Gigolo’s ident*ity, for fear of reprisals from Zachary.

“What kind of service?” Zachary tried to trap her.

“Erm… he’s…” Charlotte couldn’t say it but she was terrible at lying. In the end, she found an excuse. “Why should I tell you?”

Zachary wasn’t bothered to entertain her further. Raising his hand, he waved her away.

Charlotte had no choice but to leave when she realized her plan had failed.

Just when she turned around, she kicked her knee against the wall, causing her to yell in pain. Feeling the numbness in her knee, she crouched on the floor to rub it.

“Why are you so clumsy!” Zachary was d*um*bfounded. “Even a pig is smarter than you!”

“Boohoo… it hurts…” Charlotte was squatting on the floor, crying. “It’s really painful.”

When Zachary saw how pitifully she was sobbing, he couldn’t help but sympathize with her. Hence he stood up and walked over.

When Charlotte heard him coming from behind her, her eyes lit up as she knew her moment had arrived.

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