Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 182

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 182

“Obviously.” Zachary gave her a sympathetic look. “Your father was someone exceptional and yet you didn’t inherit any of his capabilities. How can you not know something as simple as that?”

“I’ll get to the bottom of this…”

Charlotte clenched her fists. Having been cheated of the money aside, Charlotte suspected that there might have been a conspiracy against her dad.

“Good luck.” Zachary stood up to leave.

“Hey!” Charlotte called out to him, “Can’t you help me with this?”

“Since you’re not mine, why should I help you?” Zachary coolly replied. “If you were, I would definitely resolve it for you, no matter what it takes.”

“Sheesh!” Charlotte rolled her eyes at him. “I’ll just look for a lawyer myself.”

“Up to you.” Zachary turned to leave. Without looking back, he remarked, “After all, at nine-thirty tomorrow, you will be mine anyway if you can’t produce the necklace.”

Only then did Charlotte remember the debt repayment agreement and the deadline was nine-thirty at night.

What am I to do? The necklace has been taken by Luna to Arkfield. I definitely can’t get it back.

That night, Charlotte kept turning in her bed and couldn’t sleep. One moment, she would think about the Delivery from Hell. Another moment, she thought about Zachary and Gigolo’s ident*ity. And then she thought about her father’s matter…

She felt as if her brain was going to explode.

Shaking her head, she reminded herself to stop overthinking and to take things step-by-step.

Soon, it was daybreak and Charlotte could finally get some sleep. However, her phone suddenly rang and she answered it in a daze. It was Luna screaming from the other end of the line.

“Charlotte, you b*tch! Hector is going to divorce me just because of you!”

Charlotte hadn’t slept for the whole night. Yet, the moment she closed her eyes, she heard a furious voice cursing and swearing away. For a while, she didn’t realize what was going on.

“It was obviously your children who lost my bracelet. Since you had no money to pay for it, you gave me your necklace as collateral. And yet, you play the victim card in front of my husband? He has just called me and ordered me to send the necklace back. Or else, he is going to divorce me.”

“Let me explain.”

Before she could, she heard Amanda’s voice berating her in the background.

“Charlotte, that agreement was written in black and white. You signed it in front of the teachers and we didn’t f0rce you to do it. But now you went to Hector and complained about us?”

“You b*tch! You really know how to act all innocent. Despite pretending to be the victim, you have the vilest heart of all. I’m warning you, don’t try and seduce Hector while Luna is away. You despicable vixen, Hector will never be serious about you.”

“Are you done yet?” Charlotte couldn’t take it anymore and retorted, “We agreed to exchange the bracelet with the necklace within seven days. Instead, you left the country with it. It’s obvious you are trying to delay the necklace’s return.”

“I will go wherever you want. How dare you restrict my personal freedom…”

“Then, you should stay there and not return,” Charlotte interrupted her and provoked her on purpose. “Hector has asked me to meet him tonight. We will reminisce about the past happily together.”

“You, how dare…”

“Don’t worry. Since you’re not around, I will have a good time with him.”

With that, Charlotte ended the call.

I have to show that despicable mother-daughter duo who’s boss. Or else, they will keep climbing over my head.

Just when she was thinking about it, her phone rang and it was Hector.


“Charlotte, I’ve instructed Luna to return to H City immediately and return the necklace to you.”

“Didn’t you say they wanted to tour Arkfield for ten days? What’s with the sudden rush?”

“I was worried that Mr. Nacht made things difficult for you and purposely explained it to him. He told me that you have a three-day deadline until tonight at nine.”

Hector sounded extremely anxious. “Don’t worry. Luna has booked the tickets for the return flight. She will arrive at H City airport at eight where I will be waiting for her. I will definitely return the necklace to you.”

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