Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 185

Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort

Chapter 185

After his revelation, Hector felt ashamed of himself. That incident had become a painful memory for him. He didn’t want to bring in up in front of anyone, especially Charlotte.

“So, that was what happened.”

Charlotte finally understood what happened. The mother-daughter duo sowed discord between Hector and her. After that, they hooked her up with a male escort to destroy her innocence. Following the incident, they got the media to destroy her reputation. Finally, they let Luna seize upon Hector’s moment of weakness to seduce him.

Unfortunately, both Hector and Charlotte were too innocent to see through their schemes. Hence, both of them were ensnared by the trap.

“Actually, after getting to know the mother-daughter duo better, I surmised that they were the ones behind what happened. It’s just that… when I see my son, I just couldn’t bear to hold them accountable.”

Hector let out a deep sigh as remorse overwhelmed him.

“I understand your predicament.” Charlotte smiled wryly. “After Luna returns the necklace, I will get the kids transferred to another school. As long as the mother-daughter duo don’t bother me, we can draw a clear line between each other.”

With that, she stood up to leave.

“Lottie!” Hector grabbed her hand and gazed deep into her eyes. “Please give me another chance. Once I resolve this mistake, I will be free to be with you.”

“The ship has sailed. There’s no way we can go back.”

Charlotte retracted her hand and left resolutely.

Despite her regrets and lingering feelings for Hector, it was clear to her that rewinding the clock was impossible.

As Hector watched Charlotte leave with a forlorn expression, he didn’t notice that someone was taking pictures of them secretly.

Charlotte planned to take a taxi back but noticed that the Nachts’ family Maybach was still waiting for her.

She quickly got in and thanked the driver.

On the way back, there was a lot on her mind.

Zachary told her that her dad’s personal assets were not seized. In that case, Simon and his family must have taken over her family’s assets. As for Hector’s revelation that it was the Nacht Group’s takeover of Windt Corporation that caused it to go bankrupt…”

On the surface, these two matters seem unrelated. But in reality, they were in conflict with each other.

If what Zachary said is true, that would mean there is a traitor amongst the Whites. It would also mean that Zachary’s conscience is clear. Or else, why would he bring it up for me to investigate?

However, given Charlotte’s understanding of Hector, she knew he wouldn’t lie. Let alone malign Zachary.

What is really going on?

Charlotte got a headache just thinking about it. Sighing, she looked out the window. Just when she wanted to calm herself down, she saw Bar DTT being sealed off.

Stunned, she quickly cried out, “Stop the car.”

The driver stopped by the roadside.

When she alighted to investigate, she saw the sealing notice stating that it was a permanent closure. Puzzled, she gave Peter a call.

“Hello, Charlotte?”

“Peter, I just passed by the bar just now and saw it being sealed. What happened?”

“We’ve stopped doing business and are closed forever.” Peter was depressed.


“There’s no need for you to know. By the way, Charlotte, I have transferred your pay for your final night into your account. Did you receive it?’

“I’ll check it in a while.”

“Let me know once you do.”

“I will.”

“Charlotte, if you have the chance please beg for mercy on behalf of Chris…”

“Wait, what?” Charlotte was stunned.

“Nothing, just pretend I didn’t say anything. Goodbye.”

Peter ended the call quickly.

Stunned, it took a while for Charlotte to regain her senses. Did the bar’s closure have something to do with Chris?

She thought back to that night where Chris was drugged and lost his mind. When he tried to f0rce himself on her, it was Gigolo that saved her.

Did Gigolo take revenge on Chris and even closed Bar DTT?

However, Gigolo is just a gigolo. He isn’t capable of something like that.

Unless he is Zachary!

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