Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 202

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 202

“Ignore the comments,” Lily whispered as she took her phone back.

“I’ve heard that Mr. Sterling has been in a bad relationship with his wife, and the two didn’t even have a wedding. Mrs. Sterling had the reputation of being particularly arrogant in the corporate world, and no one likes her. You have to do your best and get the title of Mrs. Sterling. And don’t forget about me when you’re married into a rich family.”

“Lily, you’ve misunderstood the situation. This isn’t what it seems like-”

Charlotte was about to explain when her phone rang. Looking at the screen, she realized it was an unfamiliar number. “Hello?”

“Hello, are you Ms. Charlotte Windt? I’m from H City TV. I’m hoping to interview you about your story with Mr. Hector Sterli-”

Before the man could finish his sentence, Charlotte had ended the call. In the next second, her phone rang again.

Charlotte dared not pick it up this time, but it doesn’t matter because soon, her inbox exploded with countless messages.

Ms. Charlotte Windt, we’re from H City Daily. We’re hoping to have an exclusive interview with you about Hector Sterling and you.

Ms. Charlotte Windt, we’re from H City Business Daily. We’re hoping we can arrange an exclusive interview with you. Shall we arrange for a time?

Ms. Charlotte Windt…

Every media company in H City, and even media companies overseas, were hoping to interview Charlotte.

She dared not pick up any calls from unfamiliar numbers, nor did she dare to click into her inbox anymore.

Within several minutes, she had received dozens of messages with every one of them asking about her relationship with Hector.

Charlotte was panicking, and she knew things had blown up. If this kept up, every private matter of hers would be revealed to the public. If that happened, even her children would be caught up in this mess.

What do I do?

What should I do?

“Let me in!” Luna’s shrill voice came from the outside. “I’m not here to make a ruckus. I’m here for Charlotte. She moved out from her previous place, so this is the only place I can find her. That b*tch had the audacity to seduced my husband and f0rced him to divorce me while I’m not around. I want to confront her about this.”

At that moment, everyone by the elevators heard her shouts, and they all cast odd looks at Charlotte.

Promptly, Charlotte lowered her head as she frowned in silence.

“What are you looking at? What’s there to look at?” Lily scoffed at them righteously. “It takes two to tango, you know? So why do you have to blame everything on the woman?”

Charlotte’s eyes darted at her colleague. Oh my God, Lily. You’re just making things worse!

“Charlotte, don’t worry. I’m on your side.” Lily hooked her arm around Charlotte’s and huffed, “Didn’t you see the photos? Mr. Sterling is the one holding Charlotte’s hand, and he’s the one looking at her lovingly. I’d dare say that Mr. Sterling is the one who made the first move.”

“How can a mistress be the one who’s morally right?” a female colleague refuted. “Regardless of everything, he has a wife and a child. You shouldn’t have involved yourself in someone else’s family.”

“That’s right. Everyone is supposed to have morals. We can’t be walking around like shameless people,” another female colleague hissed.

“You’re just jealous that she’s a pretty lady,” Lily argued.

“So what if she’s pretty? Does that mean she has to be a mistress if she’s pretty? Karma will get you soon for doing something as immoral as this.”

Unable to bear their words any longer, Charlotte turned to leave.

“Hey, Charlotte, why are you leaving? If we don’t take this elevator, we’ll be late for work,” Lily cried out, but the doors had already closed.

“I bet she’s too ashamed to stay here.”

“Honestly, what’s wrong with the HR department? How can they recruit someone as immoral as her?”

“So you’re the only ones who are standing on the moral high ground?”

Her colleagues were still arguing by the elevators. After rubbing her temples, Charlotte headed toward another elevator instead.

Right then, Luna’s agitated voice traveled into her ears again.

“Charlotte, you b*tch! Get the f*uc*k out here, or I’ll reveal all your secrets to the media!”

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