Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 22

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 22

“I think you should give up. Mr. Nacht is completely out of your league. He will never fall for a secondhand toy like you.”

“You’re crazy!” Charlotte wasn’t interested in dealing with a s*cumb*ag like him. “Get out!”

“You’re just a secondhand toy that Hector got tired of playing with. Stopping acting so noble!”

Wesley unb*ttoned his shirt and stared at her with a perverted gaze as he approached her.

“Snagging Mr. Nacht is impossible, so why don’t you come to me, hmm? I’m now a member of Divine Corporation’s upper management with an annual salary of one million. It’s your honor to be favored by me!”

“You disgust me.” Charlotte glared at him with resentment. “I’m going to shout if you come any closer.”

“Go ahead!” Wesley chucked evilly.

“Don’t you know that it’s already past working hours now? Everyone on level 13 is long gone, and we are the only two left. If I wanna take you right here and now, there’s nothing you can do to stop me!”

With that, he took off his shirt and pounced on Charlotte.

“Get away from me!”

Charlotte screamed and put her hands in front of her to fend off Wesley.

But Wesley still managed to pin her down on the sink and was about to rip the bathrobe off her body.

Suddenly, the sound of a cell phone ringing came from her pocket.

Immediately afterward, the door to the locker room was kicked open with a bang.

The next moment, Wesley was kicked away, hitting the wall before sliding down to the ground.

“Ahh…” He clutched his stomach and shrieked in pain.

Before Charlotte could even react, her chin was f0rcefully grabbed and lifted upward. A broody and arrogant face came into view, shocking her to the c*ore. “M-Mr. Nacht…”

“Messing around with a man at work? Do you want to be fired?” Zachary stared at her with a penetrating gaze.

“N-No…” Charlotte quickly explained, “I only came here to dry my clothes. Mr. Holt was the one who barged in and even tried to s*e*xually a*s*sault me… You can check the surveillance cameras outside if you don’t believe me.”

“No, that’s not what happened, Mr. Nacht. She’s the one who seduced me…”

Wesley clambered to his feet and frantically explained.

“Mr. Nacht, you might not be aware of this, but Charlotte has always been a frivolous sl*t. Four years ago, her fiancé broke off their engagement, so she messed around with a gigolo, causing her father to commit suicide by jumping off a building. This incident is widely known…”



Wesley was kicked to the ground by Zachary again before he could finish his sentence, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

Zachary rubbed the sole of his shoe on the carpet, as if kicking Wesley had dirtied his shoe.

“Please let me explain, Mr. Nacht…” Wesley clutched his chest and rasped out, “Charlotte and I have known each other for five years, and she’s been seducing me…”

“If he says one more word, cut off his tongue!” Zachary ordered with a murderous look on his face.

“Yes, sir!” Ben hauled Wesley up and pinned him against the wall with a hand around his neck.

As Ben ch*oked the life out of him, his eyes widened with terror and his entire body trembled.

Charlotte was stunned as well. She didn’t expect Zachary to be so ruthless, or to actually believe her.

Just then, Zachary stalked toward her and engulfed her pet*ite body with his towering self.

It was like a lion trapping its prey beneath its claws.

Charlotte’s eyes widened to look at him in astonishment, and her heart pounded in her chest.

She did not dare to move a muscle.

Bit by bit, he inched closer. Just as his lips were about to graze her forehead, she instinctively closed her eyes, her body quivering with anxiety.


He did not touch her. Instead, he took something out from the pocket of the bathrobe she was wearing.

She opened her eyes, and when she saw a customized cell phone in his hand, she was utterly stupefied.

So he was looking for his phone!

It turned out that he had put his phone in the pocket of this bathrobe, which she had taken down with her after putting it on. The ringtone from just now had also come from his phone.

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