Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 224

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 224

“Oh,” Charlotte breathed. Carefully, she asked, “About the man from T Nation… Did you investigate him, too?”

“Do I even need to investigate him?” Zachary huffed. “The White women must have thought that you were the one in that video on the news, so they started threatening you with the old gigolo incident again.”

“Since you know everything, why are you asking me to explain to you?”

He’s so smart. Nothing goes unnoticed before his eyes.

Charlotte was now afraid that she would not be able to keep her children a secret for long.

“It’s no longer a secret that you’ve hired a gigolo.” Zachary gave her a scornful look. “Moreover, given that incident has made it onto the news, why are you still threatened by the mother and daughter? You must have other secrets.”

At that, Charlotte’s heart skipped a beat. Just as I thought!

“Look at your shifty eyes. You must be thinking of ways to fool me again, right?” Zachary sneered. “I’m not going to bother pressurizing you into spilling it. I’ll ask those who know about this instead.”


“Mr. Nacht!” Right then, Ben’s voice came from the outside.

“Speak,” Zachary ordered.

“I’ve done what you’ve asked.”

Ben then slowly reported to Zachary.

“I’ve made arrangements for those people, and all that’s left is your interrogation. We’ve also removed all the news; Ms. Windt’s information can no longer be found on the internet or other broadcasting channels. The incident is now over. I’ve contacted all media outlets. From now on, they have agreed not to act on any tipoffs they receive about Ms. Windt, no matter who gives them the information. Also, the Sterlings’ project has been stopped.”

Once Ben was done with his report, all was silent.

Staring at Charlotte, Zachary ordered Ben, “Bring the Whites to the secret room. I will ask them myself.”

“Yes, Sir.”

The car then slowly drove off.

When Charlotte took out her phone to check the news, she realized Ben’s words were true. All her information was gone from the internet.

Even the trending headlines had been replaced by scandals of other celebrities. When she searched her name and some keywords relating to the news, no results came up.

Finally, she heaved a sigh of relief.

Now that she had the time to mull over Zachary’s words, she tensed up again. “Mr. Nacht, since it’s now resolved, there’s no need for you to interrogate them, is there? Also, this has nothing to do with Mr. Sterling, so why did you stop his project again?”

“What’s wrong?” Zachary furrowed his brows, displeased. “You still bear feelings for your old flame?”


“It’s best that you keep quiet.” Zachary gripped her chin and warned, “If you beg for him now, he’ll d*ie an even more terrible death.”

Hearing that, Charlotte kept her lips sealed, not daring to utter another word. Through his eyes she could see an intent to k*ll, and based on her past experience, she knew what was coming up.

The more Hector yearned for her, the more the Whites would target her.

Similarly, the more she pitied Hector and pleaded for him, the worse Zachary would treat him.

Hence, it was best for her not to mention a word about Hector from now on.

However, what Charlotte was worried about was whether or not Zachary would find out about her children through his interrogation of Amanda.

Right then, her phone rang. It was from Luna. Charlotte peeked at Zachary before she declined the call.

Soon, Luna sent a message: Charlotte, tell Mr. Nacht to let my parents go right away, or else I’ll tell the world about your foul matters.

Staring at the words, Charlotte’s heart began thumping. Although the media companies dared not report anything else about her after Zachary’s threats, Luna could still expose her by herself.

After all, these were modern times and no one had absolute control over anyone else on the internet

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