Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 225

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 225

Furthermore, Zachary could not possibly k*ll Simon and Amanda. The moment they feared for their lives, they would blurt out all the secrets to protect themselves.

Hence, the best outcome for her was to stop Zachary from interrogating them in the first place.

That way, everything would come to an end before getting out of control.

Yet, this was something easier said than done.

Just as Charlotte was deep in her anxious thoughts, her phone rang again. This time, it was an unfamiliar number from M Nation that ended with 7777.

Immediately, Charlotte recognized it as Michael’s number, as he liked the number seven.

Hence, she accepted the call instantly. “Hello?”

“Charlotte, are you okay?” Michael sounded weak and in distress. “I just heard what happened to you. Those people are too horrible to slander you like this!”

“I’m fine, Michael. Don’t worry. Everything’s been resolved-”

Before Charlotte could finish her sentence, Zachary took her phone away and put Michael on speaker.

At his abrupt actions, Charlotte tried to take back her phone, but he stopped her by grabbing her wrist.

“It’s been resolved? How did you resolve it?” Michael’s voice traveled from the speakers. “I’ve just asked my uncle to contact the media companies. If it’s necessary, I can be your witness. You were with me all along last night. You didn’t even-”

“No need to trouble you, Mr. Brown,” Zachary cut off Michael’s words. Zachary sounded polite, but Charlotte could hear his arrogant undertone.

“Y-You’re…” Michael tentatively asked, “Zachary?”

“Even your father has to address me as Mr. Nacht, but you’re calling my name instead. As expected of a bold, young man,” Zachary sneered. “Mr. Brown, I heard you’re in poor health. Do rest more and get well soon.”


Michael had yet to finish his sentence when Zachary hung up the call.

Charlotte stared at Zachary with a slackened jaw for a while before she could recollect herself. “How could you-”

“You seem to have forgotten that you’re mine now.” Zachary’s expression instantly darkened as he used the phone to pat Charlotte’s face. “You had a date with another man behind my back. How clever of you.”

“That wasn’t a date!” Charlotte cried out. “How could you change your mood so quickly? So much for saying that brainless and domineering CEOs only exist in novels!”

“The news is fake; that’s why I didn’t hold you accountable. However, it’s true that you’ve gone on a secret date with Michael.” As he spoke, Zachary loosened his tie and leaned closer to her. “Looks like I’ll have to leave marks on you so that you’ll remember this.”

“What are you doing?” Charlotte hastily moved away from him. “We’re in a car. Stop messing around.”

“Yes. Let me show you what real car s*e*x is.”

Like a leopard, Zachary lunged toward her and pinned her beneath him. Just as she was about to struggle, he grabbed her wrists to raise them above her head.

His thin lips brushed across her eyes, cheeks, then lips. Gently, he bit on her earlobes.

“Speak. What did the two of you do last night?”

“Nothing.” Charlotte nervously avoided his lips. When his hot breath tickled her skin, a sense of numbness crawled across her skin, causing her to shudder and feel electrocuted.

“What kind of relationship do you have with Michael?”

Slowly, Zachary’s kisses trailed downward as he lightly nibbled on Charlotte’s smooth neck and collarbones.

“We’re just cla*s*smates. There’s nothing going on between us.” Charlotte continued shaking as she feebly pushed against him. “Stop it. Let me go.”

The two of them were in an MPV. Although they were separated from the driver’s section and the outside world, Charlotte still felt as though countless pairs of eyes were observing them.

She was alarmed, flustered, and apprehensive.

Right then, Zachary bit her shoulder, reminding her with pain that she was his.

“Ah!” Charlotte howled in agony as she instinctively pushed him again.

Her phone rang at that moment. When she turned to look at the screen, she realized it was a call from Luna.

That name was a shock to her system, reminding her of her current situation.

Right. I’m supposed to be stopping Zachary from interrogating Simon and Amanda.

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