Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 231

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 231

On the way back, Charlotte probed, “Dr. Langhan, is Mr. Nacht allergic to prawns?”

“Not that I know of. Why are you asking?” Raina was curious.

“No reason in particular…”

Charlotte was puzzled. Since he is not allergic to prawns, why did his face change drastically right after having them?

Is he allergic to me instead?

If he was, he wouldn’t have been that voracious.

At that moment, Charlotte’s mind was filled with scenes from their two days of intense passion, causing her cheeks to flush red.

Before she knew it, the car arrived at the new house.

Raina wanted to walk Charlotte upstairs but she insisted on going up alone.

Left without a choice, Raina left with the bodyguards.

Arriving home with Fifi, Charlotte was stunned when she opened the door.

The house was in a mess with the room doors all broken into.

Raina had dropped by before but Charlotte believed that she wouldn’t ransack the house. Did a thief f0rce entry?

Charlotte quickly entered to check and realized the children’s bags had been scoured through. Some of their clothes and photos were gone.

Seized by panic, she quickly went back to her room to check if her documents and valuables were still intact, which they were.

However, there was a note left in the drawer beside her documents. The handwriting was familiar and it stated: Charlotte, call me back!

There was no signature but Charlotte was certain that it was Luna.

She called her at once and instantly got through.

“That’s quick. I thought you were going to wait at least a few days.”

Luna’s voice was raspy and tinged with devious mockery.

“Did you enter my house? And did you take my children’s clothes and pictures?” Charlotte questioned.

“That’s right.” Luna laughed coldly. “I even made a copy of the video of them in kindergarten. I’ll pack them up and send them to Zachary. How about that?”

“What are you trying to do?” Charlotte thought that Luna had gone crazy.

“Oh, just sending him some things won’t do any good.” Luna laughed deviously. “My men are heading towards Mrs. Berry’s house. I believe they will get their hands on your children soon…”

“Luna!” Charlotte screamed in anger. “If you dare touch my children, I’ll never forgive you…”

“If you don’t want them to be harmed, you will have to obey my every instruction,” Luna ordered coldly. “Now, come to Sultry Night immediately. I’ll meet you at the same private room.”


Before Charlotte could say another word, Luna ended the call.

Charlotte called Mrs. Berry immediately but couldn’t get through.

She also called a few of their neighbors and friends there but no one picked up.

She was almost driven crazy by desperation.

Furthermore, she couldn’t get Zachary to help either.

What should I do?

At that moment, her phone rang. It was Michael on the line.

Charlotte quickly answered, “Michael!”

“Charlotte, where are you? I want to see you.”

“Michael, there’s something I need your help with…”

“Go ahead…”

Charlotte quickly explained that her children were in danger and pleaded with him to save them. Furthermore, he had to help keep it a secret.

Michael took action at once.

After ending the call, Charlotte hesitated before deciding to meet Luna at Sultry Night.

Luna was someone that didn’t care for anyone nor the consequences of whatever she did. Currently, her projects with the Sterling family had been suspended while her relationship with Hector was at the end of the line.

Her parents were also kidnapped.

She had lost everything.

Therefore, Zachary’s warning meant nothing to her.

Under such circumstances, she was capable of anything.

Instead of dragging this any further, Charlotte decided to end it today.

Arriving at Sultry Night in a cab, she saw that it was packed despite having just opened for business. The heavy metal music was so loud that it shook her eardrums.

After squeezing herself through the crowd, she arrived at where the VIP private rooms were. While she was looking for the room which Luna and her used before, she spotted a familiar silhouette amongst the crowd along the corridor.

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