Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 234

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 234

As the fire within a few oil barrels burned ferociously, they illuminated the cold secret room.

Simon and Amanda were curled up at a corner, muddling through sleep.

Meanwhile, Tevin sat in another corner, spacing out while staring at the ceiling. He looked as if he was waiting for a miracle to happen.

When he heard the metal door open, he quickly turned and sprinted desperately toward it. “Let me out! Let me out!”

When the bodyguard pushed him lightly, he slumped to the ground in a wobbly manner.

After starving for an entire day and being tormented mentally, he was so physically tired that he had no energy left.

Naturally, Simon and Amanda were in worse condition.

“Dad, Mom!” Luna called out anxiously.

Only then did they regain their senses and frantically pick themselves up from the floor.

“Luna…” Amanda rushed over to hug her.

Both mother daughter cried in each other’s arms.

“Mr. Nacht, it’s illegal for you to imprison us here,” Simon protested in a trembling voice. “Please release us at once!”

“You threatened others and f0rced them to get married. Isn’t that illegal too?”

Zachary sat down on the red sofa in a haughty manner, like a God watching humans go by their lives.

Charlotte stood by the side while pressing her hand against her wound. Furrowing her eyebrows, her heart was in turmoil.

She had tried her best to stop Zachary from coming here but it was, unfortunately, a futile exercise.

When Luna played the children’s voice, he was at Sultry Night too and must have heard it.

He had heard Fifi calling out to Ellie once and could naturally make the connection.

Furthermore, I have been repeatedly threatened by the Whites. Hence, he must know that there is a reason for it.

The reason he stopped himself from investigating any further was that he didn’t want to expose her secret.

But now that it was happening right in front of him, there was no way he could hold himself back.

“Mr. Nacht, I don’t understand what’s so good about Charlotte to deserve such protection from you.” Amanda shielded her daughter behind her and declared, “She seduced my son-in-law. I’m sure you have seen the videos. Furthermore, she slept with this man then…”

She pointed at Tevin. “They had a one-night stand! I’m sure you have seen the news from that time. How can you tolerate something like that still?”

“That’s right,” Luna gritted her teeth and a*s*serted, “Charlotte is a promiscuous woman. What do you see in her?”

“Did you hear them?” Zachary glared at Charlotte. “They are slandering you!”

Charlotte furrowed her eyebrows and defended herself, “How many times do I need to explain that nothing happened between Hector and me? There’s nothing I can do if they don’t believe me.”

“What about him?” Zachary pointed at Tevin with his toes while his eyes flashed with fury.

Tevin was so frightened that he trembled violently. Lowering his head, he observed Zachary and wanted to say something but decided against it.

“Don’t you know what happened?” Charlotte exclaimed in displeasure. “They claimed that the gigolo I slept with is him. What do you think?”

“I’m not sure.” Zachary narrowed his eyes as he glared at Tevin. “Perhaps, you slept with someone else after sleeping with me?”

“You…” Charlotte was so angry that her face changed color.

Amanda was stunned. What are they talking about?”

“Actually, nothing happened between this lady and me,” Tevin explained frantically. “Ms. White gave me some money and sent me to the hotel. While I was resting after taking some pictures, I suddenly heard gunshots and fled through the window out of fear…”

“That can’t be. How can you take the money and not do anything?” Luna demanded angrily. “Are you lying because you’re afraid of death?”

“No, I’m telling the truth…” Tevin replied anxiously. “Besides, when I was escaping through the window, I saw a man barge in. He looked like…”

Tevin looked at Zachary and meekly continued, “He looked like you. But he was wearing a mask.”

“Is that so?” Zachary brought out his black half-mask and put it on elegantly.

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