Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 241

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 241

Charlotte stared at Zachary, stunned.

Her mind was in a mess. How did he come to that conclusion? To actually think that Michael is the father?

However, it does kind of make sense since the kids are now with Michael. Furthermore, Charlotte had tried her best to keep the children a secret from Zachary.

If the children were his, he couldn’t think of any reason why she needed to keep it from him.

Moreover, Michael had arrived with his family to plead on her behalf. It was obvious to anyone that their relationship was beyond ordinary.

“Did I guess correctly?”

Zachary’s hands trembled from the anxiety while his eyes were filled with complicated emotions.

Charlotte didn’t admit nor deny it.

Perhaps it was for the best as she could still hide the fact for a while longer.

However, she was worried that it would become a burden to Michael.

Just when her imagination was running wild, Ben’s voice could be heard from outside again. “Mr. Nacht, Mr. Brown has just called…”

“Get out!”

Zachary roared just like an enraged lion, causing the atmosphere to be even more terrifying.

Charlotte closed her eyes, shivering in fear.

She could feel as if he was about to strangle her to death anytime.

“Charlotte Windt!” This was the first time Zachary called out her full name.

“You are just unbelievable.” The words came out in between his gritted teeth.

“You managed to lead me in circles!”

“You lied to me saying that you had a miscarriage and that it was your first time. You also claimed that I was the only man you had. Damn it, you even got me to act as a gigolo and pay compensation to you…”

“f*uc*k! All the money you have tricked from me has been used to raise the three bastards!”

“Shut up,” Charlotte interrupted him angrily, “don’t speak of my children like that!”

They’re your children too.

How can you accuse your own flesh and blood as being bastards?

“So what if I said it?” Zachary patted the back of his hands on her cheeks. “Charlotte, I have underestimated you. I always thought that you were as pure as snow. It seems the mother-daughter duo has been right about you after all. You are indeed a sl*t!”


“First, there’s Michael, and then Hector… Who else is there? How many men are there?”

The more he slapped her the harder it felt. Charlotte’s cheeks were all flaming red now.

“What has that got anything to do with you?” Charlotte was outraged and pushed away his hand. “From the beginning, I only wanted you to pay compensation and didn’t want to have anything to do with you. I had always told you that I have a boyfriend but you wouldn’t believe me…”

Before she could finish, Zachary grabbed onto her neck and pushed her onto the bed. He roared aloud just like a beast gone mad.

“Do you think just because you have Michael that you can be free of me? Don’t forget that you have signed a contract. Therefore, you belong to me, every single part of your body.”

“Let me go, you crazy a*s*sh*le.” Charlotte struggled vehemently.

“Let you go? I’m afraid it’s not going to be that easy.” The more Zachary thought about it, the angrier he got, to the extent his eyes were already bloodshot. “From now on, you are just a despicable slave. I will toy and torment you however I want!”

Just as he spoke, he tore up the sheets and tied her to the bed.

“a*s*sh*le! Animal! Beast… Boohoo…”

Before she could even finish berating him, her mouth was stuffed.

All she could do was stare daggers at him.

“If you continue to glare at me, I’ll dig your eyes out!”

Zachary pointed at her in fury.

Charlotte looked away pitifully as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Zachary slammed a kick into her @ssbefore storming out in anger.

“Mr… Mr. Nacht, James and Michael are waiting outside.”

“Let them be.” Zachary scowled.


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