Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 243

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 243

Raina’s words from a moment ago had reminded her…

From the time they met till now, she had seen for herself the consequences of angering him. Only death awaits or a fate worse than death itself.

Even the powerful businessmen in the city are no match for him, so what chance does someone as helpless as I have?

To protect the children’s safety and not burden Michael, she had to acquiesce to him.

She was well aware of how possessive and desperate for control he was. She wasn’t sure if it was considered love but she knew that if she tried to struggle, it would only serve to infuriate him.

Therefore, she might as well obey him in exchange for a temporary respite.

“Is that so?” Zachary untied her restraints and pinched her chin. “Now, prove it to me!”

“Hmm?” Charlotte was stunned. “How do I prove it?”

“Just like this…”

Zachary pulled away her nightgown and pinned her on the bed.

In a panic, she wanted to struggle but then remembered her promise, causing her to submit.

Putting her hands over his neck, she clumsily reciprocated his actions…

Zachary’s kisses were filled with vengeful rage, just like a beast swallowing its prey. He gently bit her with his teeth, causing her to M0@n in pain.

“It hurts…” Charlotte furrowed her eyebrows in pain. However, she had no choice but to endure.

“It’s good that you feel pain.” Holding her cheeks in his hand, Zachary whispered coldly into her ear, “You will only learn your lesson through pain…”

His words sounded like a warning to her, causing her heart to palpitate in fear.

The night was long as the room filled with passion. His desire was set ablaze by the rage in his heart.

Charlotte felt as if she was enveloped by a ball of fire, there was no escape and she was also unable to resist.

That night, he was more ferocious in bed than any time before that.

She felt she was at her limit and pleaded in tears for him to be gentle. Instead, he simply increased the intensity of his domination.

Her pet*ite body began to tremble underneath him.

Panting heavily, he barked right beside her ear. “Hug me tightly!”

She circled her hands around his muscular torso and dug her nails into the skin on his back, drawing blood with her scratches.

Feeling the blood oozing out, she was thrilled by a sense of revenge.

That night, there were a few times that Charlotte thought she would be tormented to death.

But in the end, she fell asleep without knowing it. Throughout the night, she was consumed by nightmares and drenched in sweat.

From her physical body to her mind, fear consumed her soul.

Even after she awoke, the horror hadn’t left her.

Zachary had already left. When she looked around the room, the only thing she saw was a mess.

Meanwhile, it was raining outside and the clock showed that it was three-thirty in the afternoon.

She had slept for such a long time.

Knock! Knock! Raina entered together with four maids.

Two were here to clean the room while another two helped Charlotte to bathe and change.

Raina checked on her injuries and dressed her wound again.

By the time everything was done, the sky was already dark.

Meanwhile, the maid brought in a scrumptious dinner.

The moment she saw food, Charlotte pounced on it like an animal, wolfing down every single bit. After a few mouthfuls, she thought about her children and quickly looked for her phone.

“Your phone is spoiled.” Raina gave her a new one. “Shall I help you move your SIM card?”

“Mmm-hmm.” Staring at the broken phone, it looked as if it had been broken in half on purpose.

It was likely because there were calls at night which caused Zachary to break it.

After inserting the new SIM card, Charlotte called Mrs. Berry right in front of Raina.

Mrs. Berry anxiously asked about Charlotte’s whereabouts.

However, Charlotte evaded her question and replied, “I’ll return very soon. Don’t worry.”

“The children miss you a lot…”

“I know, I miss them too. Mrs. Berry, please hang on for two more days, I’ll be back very soon.”


After ending the call, Charlotte looked up and asked, “Where is he?”

“Mr. Nacht is out. I think he will be back at night.” Raina looked at her intently. “Actually, the three children…”

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