Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 250

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 250

After lunch, Charlotte brought Mrs. Berry and the kids back to their new home.

The moment they arrived at the building entrance, they were warmly greeted by the staff from the developer’s office and property management department. Furthermore, the security guards even helped Mrs. Berry carry all her bags.

Mrs. Berry repeatedly praised their service and asked Charlotte softly, “Miss, it must be really expensive to stay here?”

“It is, but it’s alright. I’ve gotten a raise.”

Charlotte didn’t want Mrs. Berry to worry.

“Even if you got a raise, you can’t splurge it all away. The rental and property management expenses combined must have cost a lot, doesn’t it?” Mrs. Berry was concerned.

“The house has already been bought and the paperwork has been prepared. All Ms. Windt needs to do is to sign them,” explained the staff from the developer’s office.

“Bought it?” Mrs. Berry’s eyes widened in shock. She quickly inquired, “Miss, where did you get the money?”

“My boss gave me a big bonus for a job well done,” Charlotte replied softly. “Mrs. Berry, don’t think too much about it. We can all now stay here peacefully.”

Mrs. Berry didn’t utter another word but her expression was grim.

Entering the apartment, everyone was shocked. It was the exact opposite of their old place. Inside, it was extremely spacious and bright. The decor was exquisite and even emitted a romantic vibe.

Every piece of decoration was curated and it was obvious a lot of thought had been put into it.

When the staff led Charlotte and her family to tour the bedrooms, it was huge and even included a walk-in wardrobe. There was a huge desk inside along with individual bathrooms.

Furthermore, there were two rooms for children. One with a princess theme while the other was decorated for boys specifically.

The princess-themed room was extremely beautiful, fit for a fairytale princess. Its color scheme was dominated by pink and white. There were also flowing curtains and all sorts of dolls on display.

“Wow! It’s gorgeous!”

Ellie entered the room and exclaimed in joy. She was so excited that she kept jumping on the bed.

“Quick! Come and see my room!”

Meanwhile, Robbie and Jamie couldn’t wait to see the boy’s room.

Inside, there were two beds and it had a sci-fi-themed background. One of the beds was shaped like a plane while the other was shaped like a sports car.

It was also filled with toys. Especially those that they had coveted but couldn’t afford to buy.

“Wow! I love this room!”

“Me too!”

The two boys dashed in excitedly and took the toys out from their boxes to play. After that, they brought their toys onto the bed and frolicked in it.

“Ma’am, this is your room. Please take a look.”

The staff led Mrs. Berry to see her room.

Charlotte quickly followed behind.

There was a custom-made hard mattress for the elderly and also a ma*s*sage chair.

Lying down to try, Mrs. Berry exclaimed, “It’s so comfortable. Whenever my back aches from work, I feel that it’s too troublesome to get a ma*s*sage outside. But now, I can simply get one at home.”

“This has been installed just for you,” the staff explained with a smile.

“Thank you, thank you. This is simply amazing.” Mrs. Berry was extremely touched.

The property management staff even taught Mrs. Berry how to use the latest household appliances in their home. Before she left, she even adjusted the centralized heating and cooling system for their comfort.

When Charlotte saw how happy Mrs. Berry and the children were, she felt extremely relieved.

At the same time, her heart was still in turmoil.

Everything here was just perfect.

She knew that it was Raina who dealt with all the details.

But, this was all still provided by Zachary. Would he take it back whenever he is upset?

When that happens, the children would be extremely disappointed.

Charlotte shook her head to stop herself from worrying unnecessarily.

Charlotte played with the children for a while until they had to go for their afternoon nap. She then changed her clothes and prepared to leave home.

“Miss, where are you going?” Mrs. Berry just returned from grocery shopping. She gleefully remarked, “There’s a grocery shop within the building. So, I bought some ingred*ients for us to celebrate moving in over dinner.”

“I’ll not be having dinner as I’m heading to the cemetery. Besides, I don’t know when I’ll be back.”

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