Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 255

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 255

“Hmm…” Charlotte flipped through her purse and noticed she only had a thousand three hundred in cash. She was reluctant to use it all up and asked meekly, “Do you accept credit terms?”

“Who takes credit terms when it comes to engaging a gigolo?” Zachary was flabbergasted.

“I only have this much.” Charlotte took out all the cash from her purse and placed them into his palm. “You see if it’s enough and for what type of services!”

“Fine!” Zachary put the cash into his pocket, stood up, and pulled her to leave.

Ben and the other bodyguards followed him at once, but he stopped them. “No need to follow me. I want to have fun myself tonight!”

“But…” The bodyguards turned to look at Ben.

Ben could only move aside. Tonight was not the night for anyone else to say anything.

Zachary got into the car with Charlotte and sped off. Soon, they reached Sultry Night.

The clock had just struck nine; it was peak hour there.

Sultry Night was flooded with clubbers. Under the glittering and colorful lights, young people were dancing to their hearts’ content, following the rhythms of pop songs.

On the stage, the s*tri*pper was making seductive moves. Onlookers were mesmerized by the charm in her eyes and the allure of her body.

Zachary put on a mask and changed into a cool jacket. Holding Charlotte’s hand, they squeezed through the crowd and walked towards the private room.

The moment they reached the room, Charlotte felt relaxed and joyful. She could finally put aside all the fear, defense, and caution in her heart.

She felt that once Zachary put on a mask and turned into Gigolo, his intimidating vibe would be replaced by one that was carefree and indescribably friendly.

“Mr.——” the manager of Sultry Night approached them to greet Zachary.

Zachary gestured to him, signaling for him to leave.

The manager still thought that Zachary was hiding his ident*ity from Charlotte. Worried that his mouth would slip, he left in a hurry.

Zachary continued to walk forward by pulling Charlotte along the way. She pulled him back instead, and whispered into his ear, “Just stay here. It’s so lively. Let’s relax and have fun here tonight.”

Zachary glanced at the crowd surrounding them with a slight frown. He hated close contact with strangers and he really disliked boisterous places…

However, seeing that Charlotte was in high spirits, he finally decided to go with her suggestion.

Charlotte led him towards the bar and they took a seat. She ordered two c*oc*ktails. They clinked glasses, savoring the drink while being entertained by the s*tri*pper’s performance on stage.

The men below the stage were shrieking excitedly and squeezing one another forward like tigers ready to pounce on their prey. They even tossed money onto the stage and tried to catch the s*tri*pper’s attention with their frantic gestures.

Even the two men sitting behind them were also moving their bodies in great excitement, their eyes glued to the s*tri*pper.

Only Zachary was seated motionless on the high stool with a frown.

“Other men are obsessed with the s*tri*pper’s dance. How can you remain so cool?” Charlotte rested her chin on her hands and gazed at Zachary with smiling eyes.

“I’m not keen on these boring stuff.”

Zachary pinched her chin slightly. Looking intently into her glistening eyes under the light, he sensed a growing urge within him.

Whenever she was drunk, she seemed to turn into someone with a completely different personality. She would become part innocent, part seductive. Her unique charm at that very moment was simply irresistible for him.

“Try to relax and have fun here.” Charlotte stroked his eyebrows gently. “Don’t keep on frowning. You’ve gotta cheer up…”

Zachary held her hand and pulled her hard into his arms.

Her forehead felt a slight pain as it bumped into his strong chest. In this intimate position, she could hear the powerful pounding of his heart.

In a split second, her own heart started to race as well.

Her flawless face looked even more attractive as she blushed.

Zachary was fascinated by her dreamy look. He pinched her chin affectionately and was about to kiss her on the lips with his head lowered.

Suddenly, someone gave Charlotte a kick from behind…

“Ouch!” Charlotte’s body was pushed forward by a powerful kick. She turned to look and yelled, “Who’s that?”

“Little b*tch, it’s really you!” A woman’s mocking voice could be heard.

Three plump, middle-aged women with heavy makeup were standing behind them arrogantly with their bodyguards.

One of the women with curly hair became agitated the moment she saw Zachary. “Isn’t this Mr. Gigolo that we’ve picked out previously?”

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