Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 261

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 261

“Why are you bringing this up all of a sudden?”

Charlotte started feeling anxious because she sensed his unusual cold tone as he uttered the words.

Zachary squinted his eyes, and continued, “That means you started seeing Michael not long after having s*e*x with me.”

Charlotte’s heart jolted in shock. She neglected that point.

Whenever Zachary heard about the children, he instinctively related them to her relationship with Michael.

The surrounding atmosphere turned tense suddenly.

The temperature started to rise, making her difficult to breathe.

Charlotte’s heart was in her mouth, yet she didn’t know how to lighten the mood.

“Say something!” Zachary suddenly roared.

“I… It’s all in the past now. Besides, I wasn’t with you that time. You shouldn’t be angry about it.” Charlotte was too nervous and said that without thinking it through.

“Really?” Zachary reached out to her and pulled her head close. Staring at her, he said, “But you’re the only woman I’ve been with!”

Charlotte didn’t see that coming. She froze in her spot and stared at him in disbelief.

She had never thought about that.

A proud, prestigious man like him should be popular among women.

Even if he had relationships with other women, there was nothing unusual about it.

But, he said…

Zachary furrowed his eyebrows and looked at her coldly. “Although it was an accident, I took it seriously. All these years, I didn’t look for you, but I’ve never touched another woman. That’s the difference between me and you.”

“It… It can’t be… Your skills are good. It doesn’t seem…” Charlotte couldn’t believe it.

“How do you know my skills are good? Did you get it after making comparison?” A dark shadow fell across Zachary’s face.

“No! That’s not it.”

Charlotte shook her head vigorously, yet she didn’t know how to make herself clear.

She had no experience in this kind of stuff. How would she be able to evaluate the skills? She found him skillful because he was all passionate that night.

He was the only man she had s*e*x with too.

Even though she had been with Hector, they did nothing more than holding hands, kissing on foreheads, and hugging.

However, there was no way she could clear her name now.

“So, previously the boyfriend that you kept mentioning was not me with the other ident*ity. It was Michael, wasn’t it?.”

Zachary squeezed her face and asked in an overbearing manner.

He no longer focused on the road, but her face instead.

Luckily, his Aston Martin was equipped with the precision cruise control system, so the car could proceed at a stable speed.

“No. You focus on driving. It’s dangerous,” she spoke anxiously. Charlotte failed to explain herself. She lied to him, and now she couldn’t say anything further.

“You have pissed me off.” Zachary pushed her away and drove the car out of the highway.

“If you really mind it, then we… Let’s just break up. I will pay you for the necklace, then we don’t owe each other anything,” Charlotte said tentatively.

She had got the money her father left behind. After paying him back, the remaining was enough to secure a good life for her and her children.

Zachary laughed coldly. “Now you have got yourself a backup, so you can say that in such an arrogant way. Well done, Charlotte Windt.”

Charlotte kept silent.

He twisted the meaning of her words no matter what she said, making it impossible for her to communicate with him.

Zachary stopped the car in the woods and turned off the engine. He took off his coat, then slowly unbuttoned his shirt.

“What… What are you doing?”

Sensing something was wrong, Charlotte wanted to get out of the car.

However, she couldn’t, as the door was locked.

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