Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 263

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 263

There was a flash in his eyes as he squinted them. However, he didn’t intend to take any action yet.

Instead, he fished out a new phone from his pocket and played with it.

“Where’s my phone?”

Only after Charlotte ran for about two hundred meters did she realize she had lost her phone. She had handed all the cash to Zachary, so she was penniless at the moment.

She looked around. This place was fifty kilometers away from her home.

There was no way she could go home on foot.

I have neither my phone nor money. I can’t go home like this. What should I do now?

It’s late at night. Only the 24-hour convenience stores are operating. The other shops are closed.

I can’t even hide.

Besides, there is neither a public telephone nor a taxi.


Heaving a sigh, Charlotte headed back to the car.

Well, being t*ortur*ed by the Devil is better than wandering the street like a homeless person.

“Sir, which brand do you want?” asked the woman enthusiastically.

“Any brand will do.” Zachary looked at his watch. Three minutes top. That woman will be back.

“Sir, do you want day pads or overnight pads?” the woman continued asking.

“Anything.” Zachary frowned with frustration.

“Then, with or without wings?” Another question came from the woman.

Zachary held his forehead, greatly annoyed by her continuous questions. “Give me one of each.”

“One of each? Do you mean each type from every brand, with wings and without wings, or…”

“Shut up!” Zachary couldn’t stand it anymore. His anger was about to burst.

“Sir, you have to make yourself clear. I don’t know what you want.”

The woman kept asking thousands of questions.

Zachary started clenching his fists.

“Give me a packet of Kotex overnight pads. Thank you.”

A familiar voice rang out. Finally, the awkward situation was eased.

Charlotte saw what happened in the store. Suddenly, her heart was filled with mixed feelings.

He got out of the car to get her sanitary pads, yet she tried to run away.

The woman was stunned by Charlotte’s interruption. Pointing at Zachary, she asked, “Is he with you?”

“Yes.” Charlotte nodded and wrapped her hands around his arm.

Zachary stared at her, then queried, “You ran away, didn’t you?”

“I’ll never be able to escape from you.” Charlotte made a funny face at him. She received the pads from the a*s*sistant, then elbowed Zachary. “Pay up.”

Zachary left a stack of cash on the cashier, then walked out of the store with Charlotte.

After they got into the car, Charlotte looked at the sanitary pads and suddenly burst into laughter. “I didn’t know you stopped to get me these. I thought…”

“Just shut up!” Zachary was annoyed and didn’t want to talk further.

That was the first time he bought things in a convenience store. Who would’ve thought that he would be regarded as a robber and questioned by an old woman about sanitary pads?

Right then, he felt aggrieved.

Charlotte pouted and said no more. This man definitely has a bad temper.

Zachary drove to Storm Hotel. Same hotel. Same room.

He pushed Charlotte into the bathroom and threw the pads towards her, then closed the door.

After that, Zachary took a shower in the adjoining bathroom.

Charlotte took a comfortable hot shower, then realized all the clothes were ready, warm and sterilized. Her body felt the warmth as she put on the clothes.

However, perhaps it was because of her menstrual cramps, she was feeling cold.

She walked out of the bathroom with a bathrobe on, and then she saw Zachary drinking wine on the sofa.

“Why are you drinking again?”

After uttering that, she lied on the bed and wrapped a blanket around herself.

“Come here.” Zachary instructed her.

“I’m exhausted.” Charlotte hugged a pillow and curled up in the blanket.

Zachary turned to her, then frowned. She was curling up like a ball, shivering in the blanket.

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