Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 264

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 264

Charlotte buried her head into her pillow in exhaustion. Just as she was about to fall into a slumber, a large hand made its way over.

The woman jumped in fright and moved aside. “What are you doing? I’m already in such a state, and you’re still—”

Before she could finish, Zachary placed his warm palm on her forehead and felt her temperature. Then, he whipped out his phone and gave Raina a call. “Come over to Storm Hotel.”

“No, I’m fine!” Charlotte hurriedly stopped him. “I’m just having cramps. It’s not like I’m sick! You don’t have to call a doctor.”

“You sure?” Zachary frowned. “You look really unwell.”

“I’m fine. I’ll just have some hot water and get some rest.” Charlotte rested her face in the man’s hand as her voice turned gentle. “It’s already three in the morning. Don’t get Dr. Langhan to come over.”

All I want is to get some rest. I don’t want to have to deal with anything else.

Besides, the fact that he cared about her was more than enough to make her feel all warm and fuzzy.

“Alright,” Zachary responded as he hung up before typing something into his phone.

“What are you up to?” Charlotte glanced over with curiosity and was instantly taken aback.

He’s searching up on how to boil water!

Soon, the man got up and tried to follow the instructions on his phone. After pouring some water into the electric kettle, he placed the kettle on the base plate and pressed the button. Then, he stood next to it, watching the water boil.

“What are you doing?” Charlotte nearly burst into laughter. “You actually don’t even know how to boil water?”

“Shut it!”

Zachary glared daggers at her. He refused to let anyone laugh at him over anything and was determined to nail even a simple task such as boiling water.

Yup, nailed it.

Seeing how serious he looked, Charlotte couldn’t help but cover her mouth and let out a chuckle.

She had never noticed such an adorable side to him.

They always say men look the most handsome when they’re serious, but this guy isn’t just handsome; he’s so cute!

I can practically feel my heart melting!

Suddenly recalling something, Zachary turned to his phone once again.

“Hi, Siri,” he called out, evidently not bothering to type on the keyboard.

“What can I do for you?”

“What should I do if a woman has menstrual cramps?”

“Here’s some information that might help,” Siri replied.

After reading earnestly, Zachary requested for the hotel to send over some brown sugar and ginger slices.

It didn’t take long for room service to deliver the items. Following the ratio listed in the article, Zachary carefully poured the right amount of brown sugar and ginger slices into the boiling water.

Ten minutes later, he brought a glassof hot ginger tea over and placed it on the bedside table. “Let it cool for five minutes before drinking it. I’ll go wash my hands.”

He did everything so seriously as though he was taking care of something of utmost importance.

Staring at his back, Charlotte couldn’t help but feel moved. Her heart felt so warm right now.

Seriously, I’ve been moved by this devil.

Never had she known that the man would have such a gentle side to him.

Just a second ago, he lost his temper at me before buying me some pads.

Then, he was so annoyed at me before boiling me some ginger tea and taking such good care of me.

Perhaps, these little things weren’t unusual if they came from an ordinary man.

But this was Zachary—a smug, arrogant man who had never entered a convenience store or used an electric kettle.

Yet, for her sake, he was now slowly learning how to care for others.

He’s so different from usual.

So different…

After walking out of the bathroom, Zachary helped Charlotte sit up and placed a pillow behind her back. Then, he gazed at his watch. “Fifty-five seconds.”

“Huh? Fifty-five seconds to what?” Charlotte asked curiously.

“Fifty-five seconds to five minutes,” Zachary replied, continuing to stare at his watch. “Forty-four seconds left. You can only drink it when time’s up.”

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