Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 265

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 265

Pfft! Charlotte couldn’t contain her laughter. “Why are you so cute? You’re so silly.”

“Am I wrong?” Zachary frowned, unaware if he had done something he shouldn’t have.

“No. I just think you’re cute,” Charlotte answered as she held his face. “If only you were like this all the time!”

She suddenly realized how charming the man was when he didn’t lose his temper.

“I just don’t want to see you looking like you’re about to die.” Zachary looked away and handed her the glass. “You can drink it now.”

“Thanks!” Charlotte carefully took the glassand began to drink slowly.

The hospital in the countryside wasn’t too well-equipped, and she didn’t take good care of herself after giving birth to the three children. That was why she had many health issues until now and often suffered from menstrual cramps.

During her menstrual cycle, Mrs. Berry would usually boil her some ginger tea too. Drinking it helped to warm her up, which helped to relieve her cramps.

I thought he’d be mad at me just because it came earlier this month, but instead, he’s taking such good care of me.

The warmth she felt in her heart—along with that from the ginger tea—made her feel nothing but bliss.

After finishing her tea, Charlotte licked her lips. Feeling much better now, she attempted to get up to put the glassaway.

Instead, Zachary took the glassstraight from her hand and put it aside before grabbing a piece of tissue to wipe her lips with it.

Charlotte froze on the spot. The way he did it seemed so natural.

But to her, it felt like a complete surprise.

“Let’s go to sleep now.” Zachary lifted the blanket, lay down, and pulled her into his arms.

Charlotte buried her face in his neck, with her long, flowing hair splayed out all over the pillow and her soft, silky skin pressing onto his body.

Such a position and act brought the two closer in an instant.

With his hand gently caressing her shoulder, the man couldn’t help but kiss her forehead, but soon figured that it wasn’t enough. So, he held her face and brought her closer.

Then, he gently planted kisses all over her eyelids, nose, earlobes, and lips.

Charlotte kept her eyes shut, silently feeling his tender kisses and not daring to move an inch.

Feeling his breath turn increasingly erratic, she began to worry that the man would no longer be able to contain himself.

Yet, he put a stop to his actions all of a sudden and pulled her back into his embrace, no longer touching her afterward.

Charlotte closed her eyes. Judging from his frantic heartbeat, heavy breathing, and scorching body temperature, she knew he was trying his best to control himself.

She suddenly felt moved once again.

He’s not as cruel as I thought he was.

He, too, has a gentle, warm, and kind side…

I want to know more about this side.

The two slept extremely well.

Perhaps due to their exhaustion, their breathing seemed to have some sort of hypnotic effect that enabled each other to calm down.

It had been forever since they both slept so well.

Upon waking up the next day, Charlotte stretched her arms and sighed blissfully before instinctively reaching for the pillow next to her. The spot was empty.

She opened her eyes, only to find that Zachary was already gone.

He’s always like this. He wakes up before me, then leaves quietly.

Feeling slightly crestfallen, Charlotte got out of bed to wash up and noticed a familiar sticky note.

Call the manager and have him send you breakfast after you wake up. He’ll arrange for a ride to take you home. Your clothes are inside the closet.

Then, she noticed how the note was signed off: Gigolo.

Seeing that, Charlotte laughed.

She then took the note and carefully placed it in her purse.

I’ll keep it. It’ll be a good reminder of how kind he was to me last night.

After washing up, Charlotte gave the manager a call, asking him to take her straight home.

She wanted to have breakfast with the children.

A call came for her right after she left the room. It was from Ruby Longman, the principal of Apple Kindergarten.

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