Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 267

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 267

“Alright, alright! Go wash your hands and we’ll have breakfast together.”

Now that Charlotte was back, Mrs. Berry could finally take a breather.

The former took over the job of caring for the children and placed all the food she had brought on the table.

Coupled with the toast and oatmeal Mrs. Berry had prepared, it was a wholesome breakfast.

The family sat at the dining table, happily enjoying their meal.

Charlotte promised to take them to the amusement park in the afternoon—on the condition that they helped Mrs. Berry do the dishes and tidy the kitchen.

The children raised their arms in agreement.

Mrs. Berry beamed as she saw how elated they looked.

However, she couldn’t help but worry after noticing Charlotte come home in a different set of clothes.

After breakfast, Mrs. Berry dragged Charlotte into a room while the children cleaned the kitchen. “Are you seeing someone, Miss?”

“Yeah.” Charlotte didn’t want to keep it a secret from her.

“Who is it? Do I know him?”

“It’s not someone you know,” Charlotte responded briefly. “We’ve just begun dating, which is why I haven’t brought him home. But don’t worry; I’m all grown up now. I won’t be as muddled as I once was, and I’m aware of what I do now.”

“Okay…” Despite still feeling concerned, there was nothing much Mrs. Berry could say except to give the woman a reminder. “Be careful outside. Don’t let anyone take advantage of you.”

“I won’t. Don’t worry.”

In the afternoon, Charlotte and Mrs. Berry brought the children to the amusement park.

The children were still young and could only play a few basic games, so it wasn’t too much of a ha*s*sle for the adults.

However, since Mrs. Berry hadn’t been in the best of health lately, she would begin panting in exhaustion just after a brief walk, and her back would hurt too.

She must have been working too hard these days. Feeling extremely guilty, Charlotte talked to Mrs. Berry while the children took a break. “Maybe I can hire a part-time helper.”

Yet, Mrs. Berry was strongly against her suggestion—the reasons being that part-timers were expensive and that she didn’t feel safe having a stranger around the house.

Just as Charlotte tried to convince her otherwise, Ellie’s voice suddenly rang out. “Timothy!”

Charlotte instinctively looked over and spotted Hector’s mother, Julia Zimmer, and a few bodyguards taking Timothy to the carousel.

To make the boy happy, Julia had booked the entire carousel and even made the bodyguards pay the other visitors to go elsewhere.

Yet, Timothy didn’t seem pleased at all, for he still had a frown on his face.

But that was until he saw Ellie.


Unable to contain his excitement, Timothy hurriedly jumped off the carousel, only to trip and fall by accident.

Moreover, the carousel platform was still moving, and the boy was nearly trapped inside it.

“Oh, God! Timmy!”

Julia let out a piercing scream.

Thankfully, two bodyguards swiftly went to save Timothy.

Julia trembled in shock as she hugged her grandson. “You scared the living daylights out of me, Timmy! Why did you jump off while you were having so much fun? Don’t you know how dangerous that was?”

“I spotted my cla*s*smate.”

Disregarding the wound on his knee, Timothy shoved his grandmother aside and ran toward Ellie.

Not wanting to be involved with the Sterlings again, Charlotte hastily tried to leave with Ellie.

But the boy had already made his way over and grabbed Ellie by the hand. “Long time no see, Ellie! Are you doing okay?”

“I’m great! What about you?”

That was just how innocent a child’s world always was. Ellie was just as pleased to see Timothy.

Then, she noticed his injury. “Your knee—does it hurt?”

“Nope. Not after seeing you!” Timothy beamed.

“I have a band-aid. Here you go.”

Ellie took out a band-aid with a cartoon on it and handed it to Timothy.

“Thanks!” But just as Timothy was about to retrieve it, a large hand swooped in and knocked the band-aid out of Ellie’s hand.

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