Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 269

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 269

On their way home from the amusement park, Charlotte talked to the children about going back to kindergarten.

After gaining their approval, she met the principal on her own, expressing her hopes for her children could be given equal treatment, and that they would grow happily and healthily.

Ruby a*s*sured her not to worry.

The principal also hinted that the Sterlings had already cashed out on their shares in Apple Kindergarten, so the school no longer had anything to do with that family.

Charlotte responded courteously, informing Ruby that the kids would return the following Monday.

On her way home, Charlotte’s emotions were in a slight jumble. Having shares in an educational inst*itution is just a small investment, but they’ve already cashed out on those shares. That means the Sterlings are in much more trouble than I thought.

The fun-filled weekend passed in a blink of an eye, and a busy Monday followed.

Rising from bed early, Charlotte braided Ellie’s hair while telling Robbie and Jamie to wash up.

Now that they had moved into a bigger house that had two bathrooms, the children no longer had to fight over using the bathroom.

Mrs. Berry kept herself busy in the kitchen, preparing a sumptuous breakfast.

Charlotte always told her that she didn’t have to go out of her way to make such fancy meals.

But Mrs. Berry was so used to being meticulous that she would prepare at least four items for breakfast.

Watching the family eat together at the dining table while happily chatting away was what Mrs. Berry enjoyed most.

The children were thrilled to finally return to school after taking such a long break.

After breakfast, Charlotte and Mrs. Berry saw them off in front of the school bus. Then, Charlotte rushed to work.

She had previously been suspended after the scene Luna had caused at the office.

Moreover, many other employees had witnessed the scene, so the rumors must have already spread.

I wonder what will happen now.

Charlotte felt uneasy as she arrived at the company building.

But she walked into the building, only to realize that no one was really paying attention to her. Instead, her coworkers were trying their best to squeeze into the elevators, worried about clocking in late and getting their pay deducted.

Charlotte stood inside a corner of the elevator, listening in on her coworkers. They were gossiping away, but their conversations had nothing to do with her.

With that, she finally breathed a sigh of relief.

As the elevator continued to go up, her coworkers left one by one, until only a few made it up to the president’s office’s on level 68.

One of them was Lucy Wright.

“Good morning, Ms. Wright,” Charlotte greeted cautiously.

“Good morning,” Lucy replied courteously. “You were away for quite some time. You haven’t forgotten how to perform your duties, have you?”

“Not at all! In fact, I even did a little homework last night.”

“That’s good. All the best.” With a smile, Lucy walked out of the elevator gracefully.

Charlotte sighed with relief and walked out too, soon arriving at her designated workplace—the reception desk outside the president’s office.

Work wasn’t exactly busy, but it wasn’t that easy either.

Charlotte received a pile of documents as soon as she arrived at her desk.

Lucy came by with a reminder. “There’ll be an important meeting today, and a few executives of the companies we’re working with will be dropping by. Be sure to get each of their names right. Don’t mess up.”

“Okay, I got it.”

Charlotte nodded fervently and went through the documents. Today’s guests were all going to be high-level executives of large-scale companies.

It didn’t take long for a few of them to show up one by one, and Lucy personally welcomed them at the elevator before leading them to the meeting room.

Then, Charlotte noticed that there was still one more important figure who hadn’t shown up. Just as she tried to recall who it was, the door to the elevator opened.

A tall figure walked out, followed by four personal a*s*sistants. It was quite a sight.

As Charlotte looked up, her eyes couldn’t help but shine.

This female president who appeared to be in her twenties was over 170cm tall and had a slim, model-like figure. Her poise was out of this world.

On top of that, she had absolutely stunning features due to her multiracial features.

“Hello! You must be Ms. Blackwood of Synder Group,” greeted Charlotte, immediately recognizing the woman. “This way, please.”

Yet, the woman didn’t even spare Charlotte a glance, but a radiant smile appeared on her face the moment she caught sight of Zachary, who was right behind Charlotte. “Zachary!”

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