Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 277

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 277

“And that’s just my basic salary. I haven’t included my bonus and other fringe benefits,” Lucy remarked with a smile. “If I were to include all the extra perks I get, I’d say I make about two million a year.”

“Oh, God! I’m so jealous of you.” Charlotte couldn’t help but envy her.

“Don’t ever underestimate a secretary’s work. You’ll have a bright future ahead as long as you do your job well,” Lucy advised sincerely. “If you want to make it in life, you have no one else but yourself to rely on. Don’t waste your days idling.”

Hearing that, Charlotte felt a little guilty. It’s true that I haven’t really been ambitious about my career all this while.

“Do your best! Your father was an incredible man, so I know you’ll shine just like he did!”

“You knew my father?” Charlotte was surprised.

“Who hasn’t heard about the president of Windt Corporation? Besides, your last name is pretty uncommon, and there’s something extraordinary about you. It’s not hard to tell whose daughter you are.”

“Oh.” Charlotte didn’t want to recall too much of the past.

“We’re almost there. Have a look at the documents and familiarize yourself with them.”


After a two-hour drive, they finally arrived at Ashenville Garden.

Lucy drove straight toward the golf course and got off the car with Charlotte.

A staff member came over to welcome them. Knowing that they were here to deliver Zachary’s documents, the man treated them with the utmost respect and immediately brought them to their boss.

Charlotte had been here before; her father was once a regular client who would often take his guests here too.

“Is that Mr. Nacht over there?” Lucy asked, pointing to the golf course nearby.

Charlotte looked over and noticed the familiar figure which belonged to Zachary, whereas right next to him was… That must be Sharon.

“Ugh…” Lucy’s expression stiffened as she turned to Charlotte awkwardly. “I’ll send the documents over on my own. Wait for me here.”

No one else might have noticed it, but Lucy had long been aware of the fact that Charlotte and Zachary shared a special relationship.

Charlotte had been promoted directly to the president’s office under Ben’s personal instructions too, and everything else that transpired after that was taken care of by the man himself.

Everyone knew that Ben was Zachary’s right-hand man and that any order he gave was the latter’s will.

Zachary was always a heartless man, but he had made many exceptions for Charlotte—time and time again.

Others may not have been aware of this, but Lucy certainly was.

“Okay. I got it.” Charlotte retracted her gaze, looking especially calm.

Despite feeling stirred up deep down, her face remained expressionless.

She knew too well that her relationship with Zachary was merely transactional in nature, so this was all nothing but a game. Whoever falls in love first loses.

Don’t expect anything. Don’t fall for him, Charlotte. That way, you’ll never be hurt.

The woman continuously reminded herself about her own principles. Don’t cross the line.

The golf cart stopped nearby, and Sharon’s excited voice rang out. “Wow! It went in! I did it, Zachary!”

“Not bad.” Zachary nodded lightly.

“Teach me more! I could use some work on my posture,” Sharon requested, leaning onto his body.

“Get Mr. White to teach you.”

Then, Zachary handed his golf club to Ben and turned to leave, only to notice Charlotte and Lucy standing next to the golf cart.

“Hello, Mr. Nacht!” Lucy strode over with the documents. “Here are the documents you requested.”

Standing in place, Charlotte gave her boss a polite nod and kept her gaze low, not saying a single word.

Zachary glanced at her before instructing Lucy, “Give them to Ms. Blackwood.”

“Sure.” Lucy walked a few steps ahead and courteously handed the documents to Sharon. “Here you go, Ms. Blackwood.”

“Thank you.” Sharon retrieved the documents with a smile. “I’m sorry that you had to come all the way here.”

“It’s no trouble at all. This is all part of my job,” Lucy quickly responded.

“We’re just about to have lunch. Why don’t we all have a meal together?” While holding the documents, Sharon caught up to Zachary and held him by the arm in a carefree manner. Then, she turned to Charlotte. “Come and join us too.”

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