Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 286

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 286

The d*um*bstruck Lucy pointed at Ben and said, “E-Err… Mr. Ben, your nose…”

Sharon giggled and teased, “Hahaha! Ben, you have never behaved as such before! I guess you’re a man after all, huh?”

Ben panicked and covered his nose while turning around to touch up on his appearance. He was grateful Zachary wasn’t around.

Otherwise, he would be doomed. Perhaps Zachary would scoop his eyes out of his sockets for desecrating Charlotte.

Meanwhile, Charlotte couldn’t be bothered by Ben’s response at all. She glanced around and noticed Zachary wasn’t around.

“Where’s Zachary?” Sharon queried with a smile.

“Mr. Nacht has headed over the venue in advance. He has sent me to pick you guys up.” Ben looked elsewhere while replying.

“You should take Charlotte and her party with you. I’ll head over with my own car.” Sharon beamed her instruction along with a smirk that indicated her plan to matchmake the duo.


Sharon had boarded her car and departed before Ben could stop her.

As a result, Ben invited Charlotte and Lucy to board the Rolls-Royce Phantom that was parked nearby.

After they boarded the car, Ben took a seat in the front passenger seat and avoided looking in the direction of Charlotte.

Lucy was on pins and needles due to the awkward situation and the things that might be in store for Charlotte.

Charlotte was relatively calm, enjoying the scene as they were on their way to the venue—she couldn’t wait for Sharon to achieve her goal, so she could get Zachary to leave her as soon as possible.

She could then proceed to leave Divine Corporation and start a new life in another city with Mrs. Berry and her children by her side.

Since she had the fortune that was left behind by her late father, she could easily live a carefree life with her children for the rest of their lives.

Charlotte had everything sorted out in her mind, including a flawless plan to sustain their lifestyles. She would start a bakery with Mrs. Berry and allow her children to savor the cakes that were prepared because they were huge fans of cakes.

As a family of five, they would spend the rest of their life, living a blissful and simple life by one another’s side.

While Charlotte’s thoughts wandered everywhere, exploring the countless possibilities after leaving Zachary, they finally reached the banquet hall of Ashenville Garden.

It was a breezy night—the moment Charlotte alighted from the car, the train of her gown started billowing due to the gentle breeze.

Immediately, she placed her hand on her gown to stop the dress. For a few seconds, she resembled the look of Marilyn Monroe in the cla*s*sic movie.

Suddenly, a flash beamed.

Charlotte raised her head and looked in the direction of the flash and noticed a handsome foreign man had snapped the photos of her without her consent.

The man flushed embarra*s*sedly because he was caught red-handed. He showed Charlotte her phone, indicating he had deleted the photos he took.

Since it wasn’t a big deal, Charlotte paid no heed to the man and walked into the venue with Lucy by her side.

Shortly, Sharon showed up with a vicious grin and teased, “Charlotte, what do you think of the gown I have prepared for you? Look! You have stolen the limelight and attracted the attention of the men! I still think you should have applied heavier make-up. What’s wrong with your lips? Didn’t they bring along the lipstick?”

Along with Lucy and Ben, who were by Charlotte’s side, the trio kept quiet at that sc*ore. However, Sharon couldn’t be bothered at all because she had achieved her goal.

The guests were led into the banquet hall that was flamboyantly decorated with countless chandeliers that acted as the sole source of illumination in the spacious hall.

Guests who had decked out in their most ostentatious finery each had a glassof champagne. They gathered around, engaging themselves in a conversation with their kinds in the hall, accompanied by cla*s*sical pieces in the background.

As soon as Sharon entered the hall, she grabbed the attention of the guests who had reached the venue ahead of her. A lot of them strode their way over to greet her, expressing their courtesy.

A few of the guests whispered, inquiring about Charlotte’s ident*ity when they spotted her because she made her way into the venue right after Sharon’s appearance.

Sharon lunged Charlotte over and introduced her to everyone, “This is my friend, Charlotte. I have brought her along with me because she rarely gets to be part of such a grand event. Please take good care of her, guys!”

Charlotte started cursing Sharon for being a hypocrite again.

Excuse me? How dare she talk about me when I’m right by her side? She’s indicating I’m an ignorant country bumpkin who has nothing but a gorgeous look!

“She’s such a gorgeous woman!” A few men surrounded Sharon and invited her to join them for a dance.

“She doesn’t know how to dance!” Charlotte was about to turn them down, but a man’s voice could be heard, answering on her behalf before she could respond to their invitation.

Immediately after the man got her out of the tight spot, she could feel a pair of hands on her shoulders as the man placed his blazer over her.

Due to the presence of the man behind her, Charlotte’s eyes widened in disbelief when she turned around.

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