Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 296

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 296

Charlotte wanted to push him away, but as soon as she reached out, she accidentally pulled her waist, and her face scrunched up in pain.

Zachary hurriedly let go of her and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“It hurts…” Charlotte’s forehead was covered in sweat while her body was frozen in place as she was scared that it would cause her more pain if she moved.

Not daring to mess with her again, Zachary carefully turned her back to her original position with her back facing him, lying on her side.

Charlotte curled her trembling body up.

Sweating profusely, her silk pajamas were drenched in no time.

Zachary furrowed his brows and picked up his phone to call Raina. “Come over now.”

But Charlotte immediately stopped him. “No need. Dr. Langhan already said that it would hurt tonight. Don’t worry. I’ll feel better tomorrow.”

At the other end of the call, Raina chose her words carefully. “Yes, Mr. Nacht. It’s normal that she’s in pain now since her waist muscle is injured, but she’ll feel better tomorrow. If it is too painful to bear, feel free to give her some paink*il*lers. I’ve placed them on her bedside table just in case.”

Listening to her words, Zachary stood up from the bed and took the paink*il*lers for Charlotte, but the latter shook her head, refusing to take them. “I’ll be fine after a nap. Switch off the lights. They are straining my eyes.”

Placing the pill bottle aside, Zachary looked at her trembling figure and the way her face grimaced in pain. His eyes were full of worry as his heart ached for her, but what he said differed completely from how he felt. “Serves you right! You shouldn’t protect him in the first place.”

Charlotte glared at him with a burning rage in her eyes.

Zachary bellowed, “I dare you to continue glaring at me!”

Feeling wronged, Charlotte looked away as tears rolled down her cheeks, w*etting her pillow.

Looking at the way she reacted, Zachary suppressed the anger in his heart, unable to bring himself to lash out at her. So, he put on his clothes and switched off the lights before leaving the room.

Listening to his fading footsteps, Charlotte was overwhelmed with conflicted feelings.

What on earth is that man actually thinking?

He says he loves me, but he’s always hurting me.

He also says he hates me, but what’s up with his sickening possessiveness? Sometimes, he acts as if he actually cares about me…

What is all this?

Ben was about to knock on the door when Zachary opened it. Seeing the latter at the door, he froze for a short while and immediately informed, “Mr. Zachary, Mr. Nacht’s here!”

Zachary frowned. “It’s so late at night. Why is he here?”

“Ms. Blackwood is with him,” added Ben.

Zachary was taken aback, but he remained silent and closed the door of Charlotte’s room.

In the room, Charlotte was restless after hearing their conversation. Are they here to capture me and kick me out?

“Get me a coat.” Zachary’s orders could be heard from outside of the room.

“Yes, Mr. Nacht.” Ben walked away and returned soon after with a coat in his hands.

Hearing footsteps outside the room, Charlotte a*s*sumed that Zachary had gone to welcome old Mr. Nacht.

Having trouble falling asleep, she supported her body with her arms and got up slowly.

The sound of a car engine sounded from downstairs. In an instant, the dark villa became brightly lit as if it was daytime.

The bright lights shone into the room through the balcony, making Charlotte anxious.

Squinting her eyes at the lights, she lifted a corner of the curtain to look outside the window.

Meanwhile, Zachary stood at the entrance with Ben and the others to welcome old Mr. Nacht.

“Good day, Mr. Nacht.” The bodyguards and maids greeted as they stood in two straight lines, leaving a path in the middle, while Zachary went to open the car door and helped his grandfather out of the car.

In the meantime, Ben opened another car door, and the one who came out was Sharon.

Having changed her outfit, she looked elegant, and even her usual aggressive eyes were full of smiles.

“Grandpa, let me help you to the door.” Sharon went to support old Mr. Nacht.

“Alright. Good girl.” Old Mr. Nacht was amiable as he smiled at Sharon. He seemed to be satisfied with Sharon being his future granddaughter-in-law.

“Thank you for letting me come to Zachary’s house. He never brings me here,” Sharon looked at Zachary and whined while the latter stayed silent.

Old Mr. Nacht took a glance at him and announced, “Your family’s beachside villa is too far away. From now on, stay here with Zachary.”

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