Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 37

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 37

“Yes!” Seeing through the situation, Ms. Horner bowed towards Charlotte and her children to apologize. “I’m sorry, it’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have offended someone of your stature.”

“Until now, you still don’t know where you went wrong.” Charlotte realized the principal had a deep-seated issue. “Mr. Sterling has dealt with this issue fairly because he is a principled man, not because I have any influence. You are just being sycophantic to those in power and have no decency at all.”

“Yes, you are right.” Ms. Horner lowered her head and didn’t dare utter another word.

Charlotte just look away and didn’t have any more to say. To her, it was pointless to further explain to someone like that.

“Just leave,” Hector growled.

“Please have mercy, Mr. Sterling…” Ms. Horner pleaded before leaving with her head hung low.

As for Ms. Zane whose face was already pale in shock, she asked, “Mr. Sterling, I-I…”

“You will be suspended for one month and sent for retraining. Once you have the necessary values ingrained in you, you can return to your post,” Hector ordered.

“Thank you, thank you.” Realizing that she had gotten off with just a slap on the wrist, she quickly thanked him and apologized to the children. “Robbie, Jamie, Ellie, I’m sorry. I failed to protect all of you…”

“Ms. Zane.” The children watched as their teacher left.

Meanwhile, the bodyguards of the Sterlings remained at the door.

“Mrs. Berry, it’s been a while. How are you?” Hector asked in a very sincere tone.

“Good, very good,” Mrs. Berry nodded. “It’s a wonder you still remember me.”

“I do. I have always remembered…”

When Hector said those words, his eyes glanced towards Charlotte.

He wanted her to know that he had never forgotten her. And that he remembered everything about her.

Charlotte lowered her head as she didn’t dare to face him.

“Robbie, Jamie, Ellie, let’s go to the cla*s*sroom to get your bags,” Mrs. Berry instructed the three children. “Mommy needs to talk to Mr. Sterling about the teachers. She will join us soon.”

“Mommy…” The children looked at Charlotte.

“Be good, go with Mrs. Berry.” Charlotte gave each of them a hug. “After getting your bags, wait for me at the school entrance. I’ll be there soon.”

“Mmm-hmm.” The children nodded obed*iently.

With that, Mrs. Berry led the kids away.

When he was sure they were out of earshot, Hector asked, “Who is the father?”

Charlotte frowned as she felt a ma*s*sive burden weighing on her heart. She knew that he would ask her that question.

How should I answer?

The gigolo from then?

What would he think of me?

Although they were fated to be apart, she still hoped to leave a good impression in his heart.

“Don’t worry.” Hector’s voice was visibly calm. “It’s been so many years. Furthermore, it was me who wronged you first. Hence, I have no right to question you. I just… just want to know who he is.”

“Their father is just an ordinary person.” Charlotte toned down the truth. “We were already separated.”

“Did you know him after you left H City?” Hector continued his questions. “I heard that you stayed in the countryside the whole time.”

“Yes, I knew him then.” Charlotte might as well lie. “When one is in despair, one always hopes to be protected by someone…”

“Fine.” Hector’s eyes darkened as he didn’t want to hear the details. “Are you taking care of them alone?”

“I’m not alone. I still have Mrs. Berry.” Charlotte looked up to him and sneer, “In fact, I want to congratulate you. In less than a month, you married a hot wife. Now, you even have a son!”

Hector lowered his head and didn’t dare look into her eyes. He didn’t even know how to explain himself.

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