Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 39

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 39

On the way home, Charlotte praised Robbie and Jamie. “You boys did the right thing protecting your sister while maintaining a cool head. I am proud of you guys.”

“Mommy, Ellie is our sister so it’s normal for us to protect her.”

Robbie beat his chest to show what a brave boy he was.

“If not for the fact Robbie was holding me back, I would have beaten Timothy up.” Jamie held up his little fist angrily. “Timothy loves to b*ull*y Ellie even after I have warned him a few times, he just doesn’t listen.”

“He acts with impunity in school because the principal and teachers protect him while the other students fear him. Hence, he thinks that whatever he does is right,” Robbie complained indignantly.

“That’s why we have to protect ourselves. We don’t b*ull*y others and can’t allow ourselves to be bullied too. Alright?” Charlotte lectured them solemnly.

“We understand, Mommy.” Robbie and Jamie nodded in unison.

“Ellie, you must also learn how to protect yourself.” Charlotte hugged Ellie and gently advised, “You have your brothers to protect you now, but what if they are not by your side?”

“I know.” Ellie pouted her lips and frowned. With a feisty expression, she declared, “Next time, I will be more fierce. I can’t just let anyone color my hair as they please.”

“Ellie, it isn’t just about having your hair colored.” Mrs. Berry laughed. “As long anyone bullies you, you need to put a stop to it.”

“Mmm-hmm, I understand.” Ellie nodded in earnest.

“Good girl!” Charlotte tousled Ellie’s hair to ease the tension in the air.

“Today, our family had gone through a battle together. By being united, the matter was perfectly resolved. Why don’t we go somewhere to celebrate?”

“Yeah!” the three children jumped in joy. “Mommy is the best!”

Mrs. Berry felt comforted when she saw the children’s smiles.

Charlotte was someone who had been pampered since she was young. Her father taught her to always be upright and kind. To have a good character and grow up to be happy and healthy.

She had passed on this legacy to her children. No matter what happened, she would always protect them.

The five of them enjoyed their favorite pizza and fried chicken meal. The three children had so much to eat that they burped on the way home.

By the time Charlotte and Mrs. Berry helped the children wash up and put them to bed, it was already nine at night.

Charlotte took a bath and blow-dried her hair before preparing for bed.

Mrs. Berry then brought her some cold medication and warm water. She warmly reminded, “Don’t just focus on caring for the children, you should take care of yourself too.”

“I almost forgot until you mentioned it.” Charlotte quickly took her medicine. “Thank you, Mrs. Berry.”

“Miss, did Mr. Sterling tell you why he married Luna?” Mrs. Berry couldn’t help but ask.

“No, he didn’t.” Charlotte shook her head.

“Why didn’t you ask him?” Mrs. Berry asked anxiously. “I feel that Luna has changed, or perhaps she has finally shown her true colors. Even then, I always felt that she was fake…”

“That’s all in the past now.” Charlotte smiled wryly. “No matter what, she is Mrs. Sterling and even bore Hector a son. They are now a family.”

Hearing those words, Mrs. Berry’s expression darkened. She lowered her head and sighed deeply. “What a pity, Mr. Sterling and you were meant to be together…”

“It’s just fate.”

Just as she spoke, she couldn’t help but get jolted by her own words. She never liked hearing anyone say those words as it sounded like an excuse for losers.

But now, she actually said it.

Perhaps after going through trial and tribulations in life, she had started to accept the unpredictable nature of life.

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