Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 40

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 40

“No matter what, you have three beautiful children now. They are a gift from God.” Mrs. Berry consoled her. “If you manage to meet someone in the future, your life would then be complete.”

“Where am I to find so many…”

Before Charlotte could finish, she received a notification on her phone. It was five thousand sent by Gigolo In Debt.

“He is such a good man!” Charlotte exclaimed in joy.

“Huh? You already met one?” Mrs. Berry couldn’t conceal her excitement.

“Mrs. Berry, you should rest early, I’m heading back to my room now.”

After bidding Mrs. Berry good night, Charlotte returned to her room and sent a message to Gigolo In Debt.

Charlotte: Have you started work today?

Gigolo In Debt: Mmm-hmm.

Charlotte: Did someone booked you for the night?

Gigolo In Debt: Mmm-hmm.

Charlotte replied in glee: Not bad, not bad. You’re smart enough to pay up. You have to continue to work hard. It’s been a few days and you have only paid me twice. It isn’t enough to buy milk…

Charlotte quickly deleted the word “milk” and changed it to “food” instead.

Gigolo In Debt: You have to work hard too.

Charlotte: Don’t even bring it up. I handed my resignation today.

Gigolo In Debt: ?

Charlotte: My boss is just crazy and making my life difficult on purpose. I don’t even know what I did to offend him.”

The moment she thought about the Devil, rage swelled within her. He had tormented her terribly today, to the extent her leg was still hurting from climbing the steps. However, the exertion seemed to have caused her cold to improve.

Gigolo In Debt: Are you planning to rely on me for your living expenses then?

Charlotte: Of course not. With your mediocre sales, what you earn isn’t enough for me. I will look for a job tomorrow. Don’t worry.

Gigolo In Debt: But the job market is bad right now.

Charlotte: That’s true.

Charlotte recalled how she had previously sent out thirty resumes and interviewed at seventeen companies. In the end, only Divine Corporation took her in and that was because Wesley pulled some strings for her.

Hence, she began to worry if she could really find a job.

Charlotte: Sigh, I’m not sure if I can still go back to Divine Corporation. Since I have not sent in my resignation letter, the HR department might not be on my case yet…’

Gigolo In Debt: You can try.

Charlotte: However, I scolded the boss when I left. I’m sure he won’t allow me to come back.

Charlotte held her chin as she was now regretting that she quitted her job in a fit of rage today.

Although being a security guard was a tiring and lowly job, at least her salary stayed the same.

Furthermore, there isn’t any other company that is better than Divine Corporation.

Gigolo In Debt: Scolding the boss was a big mistake. You really deserved it.

Charlotte: What do you know? Do you know how crazy my boss it?

Gigolo In Debt: As crazy as you?

Charlotte was rendered speechless by his question. As his boss, she realized she was equally crazy too.

She f0rced him to serve three fat lad*ies who weighed a total of seven hundred pounds combined. She also demanded he look for a few more sugar mommies so that she can increase her cut. Despite that, she only bought a single bottle of virility supplements for him.

As his boss, she was both cruel and vicious. Compared to the Devil, her behavior had put him to shame.

With that thought in mind, Charlotte suddenly felt that the devil wasn’t so bad after all.

However, she felt she had to stand by her word. Since she rage quit in front of him, there was no going back for her.

She didn’t believe that she couldn’t land a single job in the whole of H City.

Unknown to her, that was the unfortunate reality.

The next day morning, Charlotte flooded all the companies in H City with her resume. After waiting for three consecutive days, she didn’t even get a single interview.

Feeling anxious, she called them one by one.

Finally, the answers she got were they either didn’t receive it, not hiring, or she wasn’t qualified enough.

Finally, she decided to lower herself and look for a job in the mall or retail shops. However, no one wanted to hire her still. She was even rejected to work as a waitress.

It felt as if everyone was ganging up on her.

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