Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 454

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr. Magnate

Chapter 454

“What?” Charlotte thought it was ironic and ridiculed, “Hector, you are really scary…”

“What are you talking about?” The man frowned. “How am I scary?”

“Luna was your wife for four years, and she even gave you a son. Even if she doesn’t have the best character, she was sincere to you. Shouldn’t you cherish the relationship you once had with her? Now that she is in such a dire state, you are confessing your love to another woman? Doesn’t this make you a monster?”

Charlotte stared at Hector like he was a stranger.

She continued, “Even if you were just her friend or her acquaintance, you would pity her at the very least. Furthermore, she only ended up like this because of you.”

“Haha…” Hector laughed coldly and pointed out sarcastically, “You are so benevolent! Have you forgotten how she treated you?

“Four years ago, she used shameless and ruthless means to break our relationship. She made you lose your virginity and took your place instead. “After four years, she still humiliated you and your children on multiple occasions, putting you in a difficult spot.

“She even forced you to marry the man from T Nation. If Zachary did not reach you in time, you would be in T Nation by now. Have you already forgotten about all that?

“I did not, but.”

Hector ignored her. “I know you are a kind person. However, you are mistreating yourself by being kind to your enemy.” He paused before he snarled, “I used to be compassionate too, but I have learnt my lesson. I will not be like my former self anymore and will stand on my own feet. One day, I will destroy Zachary and make him pay for everything he did to me.” 

“Is that why you got together with Helena?” Charlotte could not understand him. “Do you really love her?”

“Is that important?” Hector mocked, “I love you, but do you love me?”

His words made Charlotte speechless.

“Love, sex, and marriage are three different things.” As though he understood everything about life, Hector looked into a distance and droned on, “Love can stay in one’s heart. Sex can help one meets one’s desire. As for marriage, one can benefit in various ways…”

“You have changed,” Charlotte spat. She could not fathom what he was thinking. “Everyone has their ambitions, and I can’t influence what you think. Regardless, let me remind you. You should think about your son before you do anything else and ponder over whether your actions would make him hate you in the future.”

With that, she left.

This time, Hector did not stop her and just watched her disappearing back figure. He hissed, “You said I changed, but you have changed as well. If you haven’t changed, you would not be together with Zachary.”

Ring! His phone rang, and it was Helena.

Looking at his phone, Hector ignored it.

Mr. Sterling, do you think Ms. Brown is responsible for this?” Owen asked in a small voice.

It is the police’s job to find the truth.” Hector snorted, “We have nothing to do with it.

“Then, will it affect your relationship with her?” Owen asked.

“Of course not,” Hector confidently stated before answering his phone. “Helena.”

“Hector, where are you?” The lady on the other end sounded anxious.

“I’m in front of the police station.”

“Did you see Charlotte? Are you together with her?” Helena demanded.

“I met her at the entrance. We spoke for a bit, and she left,” Hector replied.

“Are you…”

Immediately, Hector a*s*sured her, “Don’t worry, I only have eyes for you.”

“I’ll look for you now. Please wait for me.”


After he ended the call, Hector turned to look in the direction that Charlotte went. His gaze hardened.

It was because Zachary humiliated him time and time again, crushing his dignity, which forced him to become who he was today.

One day, he would make Zachary pay twice as much.

He wanted to prove to Charlotte that he was just as capable as Zachary. 

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