Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 46

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 46

“It seems like you don’t know Mr. Nacht well enough.” Hector stared at her. “Do you only have a professional relationship with him?”

“What else then?” Charlotte frowned.

Hector was silent for a moment before he said in an unusually deep voice, “He’s a dangerous man. You should keep your distance from him.”

“How can a formidable man like him get close to a small fly like me?” Charlotte dismissed. “You’re overthinking this.”

“Good to hear that.” Hector seemingly sighed in relief. “Didn’t I tell you not to work anymore? Why are you now a security guard?”

“Don’t intervene in this,” Charlotte warned. “If it weren’t for you saving me, I wouldn’t have come out with you alone.”

“All right. I won’t continue talking about this then.” Hector changed the topic. “My son hasn’t been going to school recently. He’s been in a foul mood because of the transfer. He’s young, but he’s got a temper. I can’t believe he’s protesting by going on a hunger strike.”

“Huh?” Charlotte was surprised by his words. “You’d better take care of him.”

“Well, I’ll just let him be. He’ll eat when he can’t stand the hunger anymore,” Hector sighed. “I’ve been busy with work in recent years, and I don’t have much time to keep him company. He’s been spoiled by the rest of the family, and that’s why he’s such a bossy kid now. I really have to teach him a lesson this time.”

“Take it slow. You can’t change him in a day.” Charlotte felt bad for the boy. “Don’t rush him about the transfer, and be gentle in your approach. If he really can’t take it, it’s fine if he doesn’t transfer schools. However…”

“He said he’s fine with everything but the transfer,” Hector commented. “I know what you’re worried about, and I’ve talked to Luna. I’ve told her not to go to school from now on, so the two of you won’t be in any conflict anymore.”

“All right. I have no issues, then.”

Charlotte mainly did not want to be in any conflict with Luna; the others were less of a concern for her. After all, he was but a three-year-old. How bad can he be?

“You’re as considerate as ever.” It was a gentle look Hector gave her.

“We’ve arrived,” Charlotte commented. “Is this your private hospital?”

“Yes. This is where Mr. Sterling usually goes for his checkups.”

Owen drove the car to the entrance, and the security guard was swift to walk over. “Mr. Sterling.”

After Charlotte came down from the car, she helped the injured Hector down. “Be careful of your elbow.”

“Darling!” All of a sudden, a familiar voice traveled into Charlotte’s ears.

Turning around, she locked eyes with Luna’s surprised ones. Immediately, she retracted her arm from Hector.

“Charlotte Windt, it’s you again!” Luna flew over and cursed, “You b*tch. You know Hector’s already married. Why are you still clinging to him? Aren’t you a shameless one?”

“Luna, you’ve misunderstood the situation.” Charlotte frowned and explained, “He’s injured at our company. That’s why…”

“What have I misunderstood?” Luna was extremely agitated. “I knew nothing good will happen the moment you’re back. You must be doing this on purpose. You must have arranged for your kids to be in the same kindergarten as my son, and now you’re seducing my husband. How can you be such a b*tch? You know nothing but to steal from others!”

“Luna, shut up,” Hector roared. “What are you trying to do in public?”

“Darling, you’re shouting at me?” Luna was starting to tremble. “Don’t you remember what she’s done to you back then? She hired a gigolo from Sultry Night on the day of your engagement, and she embarra*s*sed you in front of everyone. Now, she even has three bas*ards with another man. She’s nothing but a promiscuous woman…”

“Shut your mouth!” Hector slapped her.

The slap d*um*bfounded Luna. She held onto her reddened cheek as she stared at him, incredulous. “Did you just slap me? Did you just slap me because of this promiscuous woman?”

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