Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 47

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 47

Even Charlotte was stunned by his action. She had never thought the gentle Hector would hit someone.

“Owen, send Mrs. Sterling back,” Hector ordered in an icy tone.

“Sure.” Owen hurriedly persuaded, “Mrs. Sterling, don’t be angry. You can continue the conversation when you’re both at home. Everyone’s watching us now.”

The onlookers had crowded around them, and some were even recording videos.

The onlookers adored watching the rich fight. If they were to post their videos online, they would even get followers in their accounts.

“Why should I leave? I’m not the one who’s an embarra*s*sment,” Luna cried out. “Hector, I can’t believe you’re still defending her until now. Who is your wife?”

“Are you done?” Hector interrupted before snapping at Owen, “What are you waiting for? Help her into the car.”

“Yes, Mr. Sterling.”

Turning to Luna, Owen muttered, “Mrs. Sterling, let’s head back first.”

“I’m not leaving. Why should I?” Luna refused to relent as she smacked Charlotte with her leather bag. “B*tch, you’re trying to steal my husband, but I won’t let you win.”

Hector promptly stood in front of Charlotte to protect her.

At that, anger coursed through Luna’s veins even faster. She swung her bag around Hector to hit Charlotte, who was behind him.

Meanwhile, Charlotte, who did not wish to waste her time on Luna, turned to leave.

“B*tch, don’t go!”

Luna had wanted to continue beating Charlotte, but she accidentally swung her bag on Hector’s injured arm.

Hector gr0@ned as his face instantly drained of its colors. Droplets of sweat rolled down from his forehead.

“Darling, w-what’s wrong?” It was only then Luna realized her husband was injured. She anxiously asked, “Are you hurt? How did this happen?”

“A heavy object hit Mr. Sterling’s arm. Let’s go to see a doctor first,” Owen voiced.

Luna then quickly helped Hector into the hospital.

A myriad of emotions washed over Charlotte as she looked at them from the cab she was in.

In the past, she did not understand the significance of marriage, but now it seemed like she did. This was what marriage was all about—no matter how badly the couple was fighting a moment ago, they would still walk side-by-side in the next moment.

Hector and Luna were the perfect examples; neither of them could cut ties with each other anymore.

On the other hand, she should stay away from them.

Soon, lost in her thoughts about Hector, she reached the office.

Charlotte only realized she did not have her phone with her when she got off the cab.

Fortunately, she had cash with her, so she could pay for the fare.

I must have dropped my phone at the desk in the underground parking lot. Hence, Charlotte went to the security department to look for David.

David handed her the phone as he commented, “You’ve got your head in the clouds. I can’t believe you didn’t take your phone with you when you left the house. No one can contact you if anything happens.”

“Thank you. I was worried I lost it.”

When Charlotte took her phone, she realized the battery had d*ied, so she was quick to charge it.

What she did not know was that she had missed out on something major because of it.

In the principal’s office at Apple Kindergarten.

Robbie looked at the few mysterious men in suits without a hint of fear on his face. In fact, he even tilted his chin up and scoffed, “It’s illegal to kidnap children.”

Ben could not help but laugh as he turned to Zachary behind him. “Mr. Nacht, this boy is quite like you.”

“Be serious.” Zachary lowered his eyes as he sipped on his tea.

“Of course.” Ben then crouched in front of Robbie and gently said, “Boy, don’t be scared. We’re not bad guys. Otherwise, your teacher and principal won’t bring you to us, right?”

Robbie stole a glance at the trembling principal and teacher, who had just started working in the kindergarten recently. He lifted a brow and uttered, “Speak. What do you want?”

“This is what we want…” Ben trailed off, realizing he should speak in a simpler way with the child. Hence, he raised his pitch and murmured, “Did you mommy and daddy take you to Grand Plaza last Sunday?”

“What are you trying to say?” Robbie furrowed his brows as an impatient look crept upon his handsome face. “I’m not a two-year-old. You don’t need to talk to me as if I’m a baby. It sounds horrible.”

“I-” Ben was rendered speechless as the corner of his mouth twitched.

Beside him, the bodyguard could not help but snort at the boy’s words. What a crafty boy.

Finally, Zachary, who was behind the screen, raised his head to look at them.

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