Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 57

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 57

Hearing those words, Charlotte lowered her gaze to look at the chip in her hands. In a daze, she mumbled, “The chip is with me. Why are they…Do they…”

“That horrible man threw Fifi’s egg into the sea, so what they’re looking for in the sea right now is a parrot egg!” Mrs. Berry concluded excitedly. “Miss, I’m right, am I not?”

“Yes.” Charlotte watched the screen, speechless, as officers and men from Divine Corporation sent divers and submarines to look for the chip.

Will they explode when they found out the chip is still with me, and the thing they’re looking for with much effort is a parrot egg?

An image of the Devil losing his temper emerged in her mind, and a chill ran down Charlotte’s spine.

“Miss, what do we do now? Do we still call the cops?” Mrs. Berry anxiously inquired.

“Let me think for a bit.”

Charlotte patted her chest in an attempt to calm down her racing heart and collect her thoughts.

“Firstly, it seems like that man in black has found out he didn’t steal the chip. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have said that. Secondly, since Divine Corporation is spending much of their resources searching for the chip in the sea and involving the police, it means they think the chip is really in the sea. In other words, they have no idea the chip is with me.”

She paused before continuing, “Even if that man has already found out about the chip, he’s been caught. He won’t tell them about it because he wants to make it difficult for them.”

At that thought, Charlotte’s panicking heart calmed down, and her knitted brows relaxed. She raised her head and announced, “I’ve decided not to call the cops.”

“Huh? Why not?” Mrs. Berry queried.

“Because I’m working in Divine Corporation now,” Charlotte explained. “If I call the cops, they might think I’m the thief. I might lose my job or even face worse consequences.”

“I understand,” Mrs. Berry muttered. “Miss, no matter what you do, I support you.”

“Although I won’t be calling the cops, I have to give this chip back to them.”

Charlotte gripped the black box tightly and made a decision. “When I go to work tomorrow, I’ll sneakily hand this chip to the president. That way, all the problems will be solved.”

“That’s a great idea! Miss, you’re too smart.”

“Mrs. Berry, I’ll be heading to the office earlier tomorrow. Please tell my kids to keep this a secret and they can’t tell anyone about it.”

“Of course.”


Charlotte only slept at four in the morning. The next morning, she had dark eye circles as she rushed to work.

On her way there, she held her pocket tightly, fearing she would lose the black box with the priceless chip in there.

If so many people are trying so hard to steal the chip, and Divine Corporation would spend so much to get the chip back from the sea, the chip must cost a fortune.

When she reached the office, Charlotte changed into her uniform at the security department first. After keeping the chip in her clothes, she went patrolling with David.

Oddly, until her shift ended at noon, the Devil’s Rolls-Royce never appeared.

Charlotte kept staring at the entrance, waiting for him, but he never showed up. She was starting to get anxious. If he’s not coming, how am I going to give him the chip?

“Charlotte, what’s up with you? You seem distracted.” David sensed something amiss about her.

“Is Mr. Nacht not coming in today?” Charlotte inquired, feeling baffled. “It’s already noon, but I still don’t see his car.”

“He’s the president; he gets to choose whether or not he wants to come to the office. You’re just a security guard. Why are you so concerned about him coming to work or not?” David felt exasperated by her question.

“I’m not. I was just asking…”

Before Charlotte could finish her words, the Rolls-Royce drove in, and she quickly dashed over.

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