Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 58

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 58

“Good morning, Mr. Nacht.”

Charlotte was opening the door for Zachary herself today. Once upon a time, this was an action she scoffed at.

Zachary then got off the car and glanced at her before he headed straight to the elevator.

Meanwhile, Ben and the bodyguards followed him closely.

“Mr. Nacht.”

Charlotte was about to run after him when she realized Zachary was wearing a Bluetooth earpiece, and he was on a call.

“Interrogate Tigris. Maybe what he threw into the sea is just the box. The chip might not be inside. He might have hidden the chip somewhere else.”

Hearing those words, Charlotte’s heart skipped a beat. Oh god, the Devil actually managed to guess what happened!

He’s really not one to mess with.

If I don’t give him back the chip as quickly as possible, I can’t imagine what will happen next.

Just as Charlotte was caught up in her thoughts, Zachary had already entered the elevator.

She touched the chip in her pocket as she thought. How am I going to find an excuse to go to level 68? How can I give this chip back to Zachary without him noticing?

Charlotte had no opportunity to go to level 68 today; he had not asked her to send him breakfast nor clean the swimming pool.

Can I mail it to him, or can I send him the chip along with the documents from another department?

But the chip is so important. How can I be so careless with it?

I’ll be in deep trouble if I lose it.

“Charlotte.” David’s voice broke Charlotte’s train of thoughts. “It’s time to change shifts. Let’s have lunch.”

“Okay,” Charlotte mumbled as she followed David to the cafeteria looking rather distracted. Right then, she recalled Zachary’s last visit to level 27 for his meal. Maybe he’ll be there today too.

Without wasting a second, she promptly dragged David to the cafeteria on level 27.

The sudden appearance of two security guards among the crowds of office workers was quite a misfit.

David felt uncomfortable standing in the cafeteria.

On the other hand, Charlotte was peeking around, looking for signs of Zachary.

Her old colleagues in the administration department were all in a hurry to avoid her. None came up to chat with her.

At that, disappointment filled Charlotte’s heart. She did not understand why they were treating her this way.

“Charlotte!” Right then, a voice traveled into her ears, and Charlotte lifted her head to see Yolanda walking over with a tray. “Can I sit here?”

“Of course. Please take a seat.” Charlotte quickly gave her some space.

After Yolanda sat down beside Charlotte, she handed her a pack of yogurt. “I took one for you.”

“Thank you.” Charlotte was immensely moved by her gesture.

“No problems. You were nice to me when you were in the administration department,” Yolanda replied with a smile. “How are you now, Charlotte? Are you used to your job in the security department?”

“It’s not bad. My colleagues are nice to me.” Charlotte then introduced David to her. “This is David. We are in the same shift.”

“Hello, David. I’m Yolanda.”

“Hello, Yolanda.”

Both Yolanda and David greeted each other.

Then, Yolanda murmured to Charlotte, “Charlotte, did you know about this? Mr. Holt’s been rea*s*signed to a guard position at the parking lot.”

“I know.” Charlotte nodded. She had been working in the parking lot recently, but she had not encountered Wesley. She thought of it as something lucky, for she did not want to see that man ever again.

“Do you know why?” Yolanda wondered.

“I’m not sure.” Charlotte did not wish to mention it, as she did not think of it as something to be proud of.

“Oh.” Yolanda did not continue the topic. “I was just curious, and that’s why I asked. I hope you don’t take it to heart.”

“It’s all right.”

Charlotte turned to look at the entrance of the cafeteria. It’s already half-past twelve, but he’s still not here. I don’t think he’ll be coming today.

“Charlotte, I have to leave first. There’s an important board meeting, and I have to send the documents to level 68.” Yolanda then stood up with her tray.

“Can I come with you?” Charlotte blurted. In the next second, she added, “I’m scared it’ll be too tiring for you, so I want to help you take the documents up.”

“Sure. Let’s go.”

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